Bring home the love of your life


Hurt? Forlorn? Feeling down?
Silly you! Your fault, it must have been.
C’mon now, stop looking for sympathy
And give thyself some self-help
Can’t forget?
Go get a pet.
They won’t want you to dress accordingly
Rather, they’ll love you unconditionally.
Don’t say you lost in love,
Instead, discover this love to rise above.
Show ‘em a little concern, give ‘em some time
In return, they’ll owe you all their life.
Establish a relationship, not so complicated
No ‘handle with care’, they ain’t sophisticated!
Experience soft touches, cuddles,
wet kisses and that twinkling eye
They’ll make you forget everything else,
need not to tell why.
Don’t bother if nobody noticed your tears,
Love the one who will always be yours.
Get one from the nearest street.
Don’t look for a particular breed.
Or a brand to show-off your need?
Make a decision. Move on.
Let that little creature define you ‘love’.
Step out.
Bring home the love of your life.