Zozo taught me Real meaning of love!


My pet Zozo is one I care most after my parents. He taught me how you love others and he taught me the real meaning of love. There are so many things I want to own in life, such as good job, house, car… the list is endless but Zozo just wants to be loved and that’s it! For him, I’m his whole life and this is how we truly love each other. Zozo came to my life on 15th August 2011. He was very naughty but very cute. He was like a small baby. Today, I realise how a mother first scolds their children and calms down to love them. Zozo is a foodie and loves to gorge on food. One-day he slyly went to our pooja ghar and he then sat in his basket very quietly, pretending as if nothing had happened but we got to know as his mouth was all oily with ghee. He is the best gift I’ve ever got and very thankful to my brother who bought Zozo from Bengaluru. A thought that we will have to part someday really scares me but one thing is for sure I will remember him till my last breathe. Love You Zozo!