Completely CANINE Crazy – Oh My DOG!


We all are Truly Dog Blessed because we are all completely canine crazy and we at Dogs & Pups are really happy that you are holding our 11th Anniversary Issue – with passion, love, care and commitment together – we all will take care of our Magic Paws.
Magic Paws add love, laughter, joy, meaning…and so much more. One of the best feelings I get is when Sparkle chooses me and wants to come and sit next to me. It feels like wow – “I am the lucky one” and then the endearments and gushing start from my end – which is non ending- sparkly, sparkalicious, sparky, spooky loo…and so on it goes….what Sparkle must be thinking? My momma is Sparkle struck again!
My son Suhaan and I love to count the dots on Sparkle’s nose and not to forget his paws. On a recent holiday when Sparkle was not travelling with us…Suhaan and I would gush after every dog – each dog reminded us of Sparkle.
Sparkle’s charms are contagious as he has successfully and sometimes manipulatively captured all hearts@work too. These 11 years have turned each one in our office into an ardent dog lover, and each issue has come up with lot of love and compassion. Sparkle has always added his lucky charm to each issue.
We would like to extend our best wishes to all our readers and advertisers who have supported us through this journey and made it worthwhile. Every e-mail or message we received from a dog lover has been read and cherished as we can truly empathise with their feeling of bliss when they are blessed with canine love and the feeling of voidness on their loss. Every pawtail is unique and gives an insight into the mind of a dog lover and show myriad hues of our ever smiling magic paws that make us utter with immense love and admiration ‘Oh My DOG!’
Since every homecoming is a new beginning – a beginning of wonderful companionship and togetherness – we bring you a special feature on puppies so that first-time pet parents as well as seasoned ones can take cues for being a responsible and caring pet parent and make each pet easy and comfortable.
With these ecstatic feelings, we step towards another year of pooch love and let’s all continue to rejoice and feel blessed to be the chosen one. For your daily dose of fun, info and interaction, connect us on our facebook ( having 1,66,000 plus ‘Likes’.
Happy new beginnings!