Masters in the art of communication


Its a wonderful life – specially when you have your amazing paws who constantly keep a watch over your every move, emotion and action. The jingle of the cupboard keys – gives them a clue – that you are about to go – so here they come and stand right next to you expectantly – if you are going somewhere – I AM GOING WITH YOU – with a loud woof, tonnes of excitement and that adorable wag. ‘Wear your sneakers’- and we all know those watchful eyes have already decoded your next move and know exactly that you are ready to go for a walk- the whole symphony of TAKE ME ALONG starts again. Pack your bags and if you are not taking your paws- your heart melts at those soulful eyes and lonesome look. Eating something delicious and not giving them amounts to CRIME. Not to forget that every move you make – enter home or simply wake up in the morning – their zest, happiness and love to see you in unlimited.

Sparkle and I love our morning walk where he keeps a check on me – the continuous turning of his head to catch my gaze is heartwarming and I am just three steps behind him – holding his leash!

All occasions are shared – happiness and sadness. When you are happy… your pooch becomes jubilant too and when you are gloomy he will just cuddle with you wondering the reason for the same. Angry or irritated they just sense the vibes and leave the room! Your emotions become his emotions in no time. It is because your pooch looks at you and tries to gauge your emotions with your body language and the tone of your voice. Your actions speak louder than words and these canines are truly the masters in the art of communication. Even while walking if you tighten the grip on the leash seeing dogs approach from front- your pooch will immediately recognise this behaviour and react accordingly. If you are relaxed and speak to him reassuringly so will he be. The communication between us and our pooches is strong – not limited by the speech!

In this issue, we have discussed the people who have understood canines as they are and not as we want them to be. They are truly masters in the art of canine communication- a salute to them. Female vs Male is an age-old bias – people only want male puppies – let’s do try to change this.
Now that festivals are near… take care and enjoy with responsibility. Also, we all – with Sparkle leading – thank you for your overwhelming response for the Anniversary Issue of Dogs & Pups… it actually keeps us going!
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Saare Jahan Se Achha! Hindustan Hamara!