So much fun for Esha Gupta with pooches!


Beautiful Esha Gupta made her Bollywood debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s Jannat 2 opposite Emraan Hashmi in the lead role and won million of hearts with her sweet girl look and for some she is Indian Angelina Jolie. She loves to spend time with her family and most importantly her pet. Here Dogs & Pups chats with her to explore her PUPPY love for pooches.
Esha started her career as a model, and came third in the Femina Miss India in 2007 and went to compete in the Miss India International contest. Esha appeared in Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar in 2010. In 2012, she was signed by Mahesh Bhatt for a three-film contract with Vishesh Films and made her screen debut in Kunal Deshmukh’s Jannat 2 which was commercially successful, and followed it with Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz 3D and Prakash Jha’s Chakravyuh.
She was born in Delhi. Her father is a retired air-force officer and her mother is a homemaker. She was studying Mass Communication from Manipal Institute of Communication prior to auditioning for Femina Miss India, and got a law scholarship at Newcastle University, but she pursued a career in Bollywood instead.
Pooch affaire!
To start with, we asked Esha how it all started, to which she shared, “I have had pets all my life. And luckily I have parents who love pets more than anyone. My first ever pet memory is of having rabbits. Over the years we have a couple of rabbits, and dogs. But before I was born we’ve even had a monkey and a parrot. So, my pet companionship started even before I was born…I feel I am blessed.”
Treasure trove!
Having so many pets over the years as pets is a testimony to her fathomless love for animals. On asking her about any special favourites, we got the expected reply, “All of them have been special. But our first ever dog, Grazy, she was a Dachshund, she made me into a caring person even as a child. And she was partner during my growing up years. A cherished childhood memory is about Crystal (Indian breed), who had her litter; I was amazed, when she gave birth to her puppies.”
Candid moments!
She feels lucky to have a company with her current pet Nawab, who is a bundle of joy. When she is in Delhi her day revolves around him. To add more about her day, she added, “When I am in Delhi, Nawab is always at home with me, even travel in the car with me. I just love when he makes an innocent face to get his work done. And it’s so much fun having a pet.”
On asking about what she loves most about her dogs and vice versa, she laughed and added, “I just love their unconditional love and they just love luxuries of my home.”
We asked her to share about any memorable experience of taking pets on vacations and she shared, “We took our first dog to Harsil, a hill station at the foot of Gangotri. She learned how to climb up and down the stairs there.”
Canine care!
Esha feels that she is lucky to have parents who are also pooch lovers and promote animal welfare. “Since I am not with my furry angels, my father takes care of everything and my mother also looks after them. We all are pampered by our parents. My mom gives them special treats. And we never give anything to them which is not advised.”
Don’t feed them human food. And give them enough love. They will love you forever!
Favourite activity together
Sleeping and cuddling.
Annoying habits
They wake me up when they are up!
Qualities you love Everything.
Funny/crazy antics
They know how to get their way around; they are too smart and cute.