Home alone? 11 Ways to keep your pooch busy


His pleading eyes and ‘Don’t go’ look makes you go weak in the knees and you feel guilty for leaving him alone. But you can make it stimulating for your pooch. Let’s see how.
Your heart really melts when you see-off your pooch while going out for work or otherwise. First of all, desensitise your dog to your absence in home by gradually increasing the time he is left alone. If he shows symptoms of separation anxiety, deal with it, before you leave him alone for long intervals. Once he is accustomed to being left alone, you can look for ways to keep him busy when you are away. Here are 11 ways to keep your pooch busy and mentally-stimulated:
1. Let him watch outside Open the curtains of a window from where your pooch can see outside. He will have fun watching people, dogs or vehicles moving around. Be sure that the window door is secured properly so that he cannot venture out.
2. Turn on the radio/TV When you are alone at home, you probably like to switch on radio/TV to have company. You can do the same for your pooch. The sights and sounds from TV can stimulate his brain and give him the feeling of not being alone.
3. Give him a Kong toy A stuffed Kong toy with your pooch’s favourite treat will keep him occupied for hours. You can also freeze it so that it is much more engrossing for a longer time.
4. Toys to keep him busy You will be amazed to find the dog accessories at the pet shop near you. Buy dog puzzles or dog toys which can keep him mentally stimulated and of course busy.
5. Rotate the toys Do not forget to rotate toys…so that he does not get bored. Just make sure you do not keep his favourite one away as it can add to his stress.
6. Build a dog digging box Dogs love to dig…you can create a digging box in the open area of your home. You can even hide their toys in it. Let them dig and find out the reward.
7. Treasure hunt What’s valuable for your pooch, besides you of course? Well, food and treats. So, hide her kibble at places where your pet can reach. He can sniff around to find his treasure.
8. Chewing delights Dental chews will prevent your pooch from chewing household items as well as keep with teeth clean and freshen his breath. So, leave a few dental chews for him.
9. Bring him a companion Two is company…you can even think of adopting or bringing home another pet, depending upon your dog’s temperament.
10. How about a friend In case you do not wish to bring home another pet, you can ask your friend/neighbour or a petsitter to petsit him. If that friend is also a pet parent, you can call the pet as well. Your pooch will surely love it.
11. Make use of doggy daycares In case you do not wish to leave your pet alone and he is well socialised, you can put him in a doggy day care, where he will be well taken care of and he will have friends for company.