Keeping your pooch in shape


Exercise for your pooch will vary according to his age, breed and health. But it must be fun for him and you as well. Taking your pet out for a good outing, where he can play in a good open ground or swim in a swimming pool, is a very good way of mixing fun with exercise. Taking him to a beach is also a good option, where he can play with Frisbees, balls and also run and swim at the same time.
Exercise for pups: Daily exercise is essential, a routine should be followed religiously everyday. Young dogs, especially large breeds, should be exercised cautiously to prevent damage to their joints.
Exercise for adult dogs: Inadequate or no exercise leads to several diseases which can be prevented, as in the case of human beings. Adequate exercise means a 30 to 40-minute brisk walk every day. Dogs enjoy playing with each other and also with human beings so that they should be encouraged, as playing is also an exercise that depletes their energy. If your dog is not adequately exercised, he may develop destructive habits to use up his excess energy.
Exercise for elder dogs: For elder dogs, a lot of care and walks are a must. Each and every dog has a different way of responding to the schedule of exercise which should be chalked out by your veterinarian by understanding the breed, sex, age, temperament, environment, etc. But long walk is much ideal for all the dogs as sniffing around gives them a great stress buster.
Your dog will love
Walking: Dogs should be taken for a long walk at least twice a day. The exact length of the walk depends upon the breed of the dog. Your best bet is to choose a park that requires some walking distance. You’ll know when you have walked him enough by noticing his body language. Always keep his bowl full with water. Take care of the season in which you are walking. While walking, talk to our dog. Enjoy the walk at his pace, let him sniff to his heart’s content.
Swimming: Dogs are natural swimmers, if you get an opportunity to watch him swim in a pond or river or pool, just grab it.
Fetching: Teach him fetch and reward him with treats when he gets the object back to you.
Gym workout: With more and more city dwellers, pet parents are catching the wave of having their dogs walking on treadmill. There are specially designed treadmills for canines.
Stairs climbing: This is also another good exercise, be it outdoor or indoor. Any activity, make it fun and show your love and enthusiasm in the tone of your voice.
Agility training: Your dog may become more willing to exercise if you add variety to his fitness routine. Agility dog training classes are good for him, both mentally and physically. These classes will help turn the most unfit, unwilling dogs into a superb athlete who loves to crawl and jump. Some dogs have such competitive spirits that they will do anything to win.
Exercise keeps dogs much healthier an obviously they have a better life span but one needs to keep in mind that it has to be a combined workout of physical as well as mental exercise.