Royal Canin breeders’ conferences organised in Coimbatore, Delhi and Pune
Sharing knowledge with breeders on nutrition and reproduction, Royal Canin recently organised a series of breeders’ conferences in Coimbatore, Delhi and Pune. Dr Emmanuel Fontaine, DVM, MSc, Dipl ECAR, a graduate from Toulouse Veterinary School, was the keynote speaker at the conferences titled ‘India Breeders’ Conferences’ held in the three major cities. He lectured on reproduction process, which is a complex process influenced by many factors and female nutrition as one factor influencing reproduction performances. Food For Thought, How You Can Optimise Canine Reproduction Thanks to Nutrition,’ was the theme of the conferences.
The conference also marked the lunch of Royal Canin HT42d Large Dog, a product for female dogs over 10 kg (11 kg to 100 kg) from the first day of heat to the 42nd day of gestation. Female dog’s energy needs are stable during the qualitative phase, but certain nutrients are essential for the healthy development of the future puppies. The series of conferences was successfully concluded with positive feedbacks from the attendees saying the events ‘excellent’ and ‘informative’.
Pets 101 introducing an array of products in India
Chennai-based Pets 101 has set to introduce an array of imported pet care products in India. The new range of products from different overseas companies include: toys from All For Paws; shampoos, conditioners, oral care products from Tropiclean; fish-based dog food, treats, salmon oil, wet dog/cat food from Fish4Dogs; fibre/plastic crates, bowls, cat litter trays, small animal houses from MPS; and beds, leashes, collars, bowls from United Pets.
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Millennium Exports launches Pet Likes premium dog food
Chennai-based Millennium Exports has launched an ultra-premium dog food branded Pet Likes. Pet Likes is a high energy, high protein product from an Indian company. The protein in the food product comes from three main animal sources, fish, chicken and meat. With Rs 295 per kg, Pet Likes is now offered in special introductory offer to distributors at Rs 138 per kg FOB, Chennai in branded printed bags of 5 kg and 10 kg. For further details and other products of the company, visit:
Comfy stay for pooches @ Harley & Me hotel
Harley & Me is yet another boarding centre and club by Pets 101 in Chennai. Facilities available in this new hotel for dogs include ultra modern luxury boarding (completely
air-conditioned to allocate 30 to 65 sq ft per dog), 8000 sq ft play area with lawn, swimming pool (vet certified), grooming studio, pet store, pet cafe (soon to be opened), agility training and fun activities, rehab and therapeutic massage, workshops for pet parents and their pets, bed and breakfast for dog lovers/pet parents. Harley & Me is a subsidiary of Pets 101, a pet company running pet product retail stores in Besant Nagar and Mylapore, and pet grooming studio and training school in Besant Nagar. For more details, contact Arunodaya Reddy at 9841122223 or or visit: