14 Lessons I love and learn from my dog


Some of the greatest lessons are learnt from the simplest of truths. Here’s what you can learn from your paw friend. 
Eat when you’re hungry; Sleep when you’re tired. –Zen Teaching
Hema and Rodeo
Have you heard the above Zen teaching before? Simple, isn’t it? And the most beautiful things that we fall in love with also similarly seem to come easy when we open our eyes to the beauty in simple things. Ever took a moment to watch birds or the sunset from your terrace? And if you learn and love at the same time, it’s got to be with your DOG! Here are simple things I love & learn from my dog:
1. Every day is a new beginning! No matter if it’s rain or shine, every day for my dog is a brand new beginning. He struts to life with a zeal and enthusiasm that is infectious.
2. Live in the moment! Ever noticed that your dog lives in the moment? One moment, he gets disappointed that the bird he tried to catch flew away, another moment he is taken aback when you firmly command him to stay by your side when on a walk. Yet another moment, he gets startled or fearful due to a loud noise…and the very next moment he is back to his cheerful ways without a care in the world!
3. Lively, spontaneous, mischievous! It’s as if your pooch has taken the responsibility to keep life positive through his lively and mischievous acts. Spontaneity keeps him (and you!) interested in his next moves and playful grooves. There is never a dull moment. Such moments are utilised in recuperating and rejuvenating the body, mind and soul to get back to one’s mindless happy life!
4. Eat, play, love! Ask any Lab pet parent and they will tell you what they’ve learnt about eating from their dog. And given a chance they play and expend all their energy (and so are fit and healthy). It’s the simplest rule when it comes to food and exercise!
5. Forgive and forget: Your dog never holds a grudge against you, even if you have not been kind to him at times. He forgives and forgets – an important lesson of life we all must learn!
6. Be a good listener: Silence is golden…that’s what our pooches tell us. They are amazing listeners and you can talk your heart out to them.
7. Self-belief! Have you noticed how a small breed doggie could easily tame or subdue a much larger breed with his confidence? It’s an amazing lesson about self-belief.
8. Look cute when you’ve goofed! A funny lesson but it works really well (practically speaking). Goofed up on something? Simply roll your eyes, look cute and plead with love. Most hearts would melt even without a word being spoken.
9. Explore new possibilities! Your dog is never afraid to put his wet nose to a new object. Given a chance he would take a bite too. How often one stops short of greatness simply by not treading unchartered paths!
10. Repetition begets mastery! We did this as children. How do we grow out of the ability to do something we love repeatedly? Imagine the results if we could relearn that! So just go find something you like and do it to your heart’s content.
11. Fun sometimes requires getting soiled! Your pooch doesn’t need a swimming pool. A muddy puddle will do just fine. He could turn that into a most amazing pool of heavenly bliss. Learn to find joy in the simplest things in life.
12. Stand up for what you believe! How often we hesitate to speak up for ourselves. I find no dog who would hesitate to bark up a riot to make his point clear!
13. Spread love: Showing love does not mean buying expensive gifts. A simple wag of the tail, rushing to see you when you are back at home, putting his head in your lap – all show the love he feels for you.
14. Be loyal: No article is complete without mentioning the one quality that got his kind closer to ours and teaches us to this day what makes us human: loyalty and trust. Even though he may not say it in words, his every action
speaks volumes.
(Hema owns and manages PETSPACE – a day care, boarding and grooming centre in Bengaluru).