FASCINATING FACTS your dogs can feel about you


Every pet parent would contend for the fact that pooches are happy when we are happy and they are sad when we are sad. This is because they can gauge our moods and emotions and act accordingly.
Dogs are incredibly perceptive and intelligent creatures. They have an outstanding ability to sense both excitement and stress in a household. He might not be able to talk with you but just by paying attention, he can figure out about your moods and emotions.
Here are a few fascinating facts about what your dogs can sense about you:
I know you are sad: You might have observed that when you are really sad or unfriendly, your loving pooch acts extra tame and attentive, even when
Dr Kumar Manglam Yadav
you scold him. He does not react but reach out to you with a warm and gentle touch. Since you are the center of his entire world, he tends to become more subdued and even refuses food until you cheer up. He will try to comfort you through various physical gestures like lying at your feet, or gently grazing his neck against your legs, or even trying to lick away your tears. It is the best part of being a pet parent.
I know you are neglecting me: Your loving pooch is able to recognise if you are being unfair to him. If another pet, friend or family member diverts your love and attention, he can sense about shifting of your attention, even if it is not very apparent. He will stop cooperating or responding to you and even look depressed. So, keep loving and spending time with your furry friend at all times.
I am here to protect you: Dogs have keen sense of smell, so they are able to sense even a small portion of adrenaline hormones that is associated with fear and danger and is likely to rush for your rescue and defend you aggressively against your fear. They watch your body language and act accordingly in fearful situation. Keep in mind that any dog, even a gentle dog, may try to protect you from people if he perceives as a threat.
I also want to be loved: Sometime when you are enjoying loving, hugging and kissing your beloved, you notice your lovable pooch trying to divert your attention by barking, jumping, pushing, pawing, etc. This is his way of getting your attention.
I know you are angry: You definitely find guilty look on your lovable furry friend’s face when you give annoyed look to him. He will act submissive,
Dr Ashwani Kumar Singh
whimper, tremble, trying to clam you down.
I don’t want to be a part of family disputes: Even if you have a small argument with any member of family, then you definitely would have found your furry friend hidden behind couch or some other place. He hides himself because he understands tension and does not want to be around it.
I know you are generous: Your furry friend always pays attention towards your social interaction with other humans and judges you on your actions. He will pick up on your kindness and love you for it. Also, if he finds you miserly, he start act accordingly. Dogs have a strong moral compass, they expect kindness, and fairness, so next time act accordingly.
I know where your attention is: Your pooch is perfectly aware whether or not you are around, and will behave accordingly. Your super-trained dog will sniff out your inattention and head for the moment your back is turned.
I know you are sick: If your pooch sniffing a particular area of your body every day, then this is a sign of something wrong and you should seek medical attention. Dogs have keen sense of smell and able to detect off odor produced by various diseases like lung cancer, bowel cancer. They are even able to alert their pet parents when they’re about to have a seisure minutes or even hours before an attack will happen or increasing blood sugar level in diabetic patients.
I know what you intend: Sometimes when you plan a grooming session for your pet or to take him to a vet, your pooch hides himself or make him out of your reach. This is because your dog seems to know what’s on your mind. He is able to differentiate between a trip to the vet and a car ride. This is still a mystery that how he reads your intention. Dogs are good at reading body language and following our gaze, they can figure out just by observing our behaviour.
I know who you like: Your furry friend is able to discover whether you like someone or not. They can do so by interpreting both your body language and behaviour around them and the chemicals discharged by your body which they can sense as well. Especially dogs who have been with their pet parents for a long period of time tend to easily pick up on their like or dislike of a particular person.
I know you are pregnant: Dogs have an outstanding ability to sense change in the world around them, and that includes when their pet parent is pregnant. Dog’s ability to read human body language, smell, and behaviour helps him to detect pregnancy. Certain changes happen in the odour, body shape, body language, mood and behaviour of pregnant woman which dog can read easily. Dogs are likely to escort you protectively, attentive, and loving once they sense you are bearing a child.
I understand your grief: Dogs may become more attentive, when they sense that there has been a grievous loss in the family. Your dog will understand when you are mourning a loved one and will most likely go through a grieving process of his own. Dogs can help you cope with a loss by making you realise that you are responsible for the sensitive animal who is mourning with you.
I know you are the alpha member: If you want your dog to behave, then he needs to see you as the alpha in the relationship. Always eat first, walk out of the door first, make the dog heel during walks, never let him eat from the table – in short be the alpha member.
In short, they are our best buddies and they know us inside out. But their love for us is unconditional and they love us at all times.
(Dr Ashwani Kumar Singh and Dr Kumar Manglam Yadav are interns at Government Veterinary Hospital, Bharatpur, Rajasthan).