Charming Singapuras!

Elegant, muscular, affectionate, intelligent and inquisitive… Singapura Cat is an ideal companion! If you are blessed with one, you will definitely ask for more!

Singapuras were first found in the harsh environment of the storm drains of Singapore and their physical attributes of large ears and eyes and intelligence make them very good hunters, quick to learn and very fast. In the mid 1970s, Tommy Meadow took them back to America. They are now capturing the hearts of their pet parents across the world.
The killer looks…
The breed is a small to medium cat whose shape has occurred naturally. Their expression with those large eyes is very appealing and adds to the charm of their personality. Singapuras only come in one colour – sepia brown, ticking on a warm ivory background. There are leg markings which occur as dark bars. They have distinctive facial markings known as cheetah lines which extend from the inner corner of the eyes to the nose, and the nose and eyes should have a dark outline.
Sweet temperament…
These sweet natured cats with a gentle temperament love to be around people. They are not noisy or pushy but will talk to their pet parents with gentle voices. They like to be off the ground and can often be found on the top of cupboards, on shelves or on their pet parent’s shoulders, anywhere to get a better view of the world. They all enjoy warmth and if not with their pet parents can often be found in the warmest spot in the house.
Life with Singapuras…
As kittens, they are mischievous and amusing but easy to care for, given a kitten diet, a warm bed, litter tray and toys. However, it is often their pet parents’ bed that they will choose to sleep in if allowed.
Their playfulness remains with them throughout their lives and being very active and inquisitive they have to investigate everything. They love to play interactive games with their pet parents – laser light pens and table tennis balls are ideal for this although they also quickly learn to fetch a small toy that is thrownfor them. You must have the time to spend with your Singapura friend or they will become bored.
Groom me little!
Grooming is easy with their short coats, a weekly brush with a soft brush and a rub over with a chamois will bring out a shine in the coat. Indoor cats may need their front claws clipped as these quickly grow into short points so a strong scratching post is needed.
Health – no issues!
Their health is generally good, although they are small in stature, they are robust and hardy cats who enjoy life. You are not so much a pet parent of a Singapura so much as a member of their family – such is the charm of these cats. Living with Singapuras is certainly not dull and once owned by, you will never want to be without one.
(Jane Brooks from England has bred Singapuras for 16 years and smitten by this small breed with full of characters.)