Choose your pawfect vet



  • Does your vet make your pet comfortable?
  • Does he check skin, eyes, ears, and teeth every time?
  • Does he give advice on worm, flea and tick control, besides advice on diet, bedding, exercise, toilet, walks according to breed, health and age?
  • Is he quickly accessible in times of emergencies?
  • Does he keep a record of the treatment and medication given? Does he recommend that you also keep a record of all treatments?
  • Does he recommend sterilization?
  • Is the clinic clean? Please also note the assistants—are they hygienic and approachable/friendly?
  • Does he give you his contact number? Does he have an inpatient department or access to one?
  • Does he recommend vaccinations EVERY year?
  • Does he recommend Indian dogs and re-homing from an NGO?

If all your answers are positive, whew! You’re lucky to have the pawfect vet! (The author works with Terra Anima Trust for Animals.)