These Headphones produce awesome clear powerful sound and have a sound signature I really enjoy


I spent a nice penny on these and expect a lot more for my money. The sound is great and it makes listening to music much more enjoyable and they are very stylish but if you wear these for longer then a 20 min period you will start getting a headache and feel like your head is being crushed. 

There is no way to adjust them to make them bigger and I dont even have a large head. They are very heavy and very tight and make my head and ears hurt a lot and eventually I just have to take them off. If my plane trips were only 30 min I guess they would be ok but most arent so I guess these dont work for me. Im not the type to return things so i guess ill just have to chalk it up as a loss. I guess i should have tried them first before buying them. so maybe ill try the cheaper beats, maybe they might be more comfortable.

Build quality is superb and unusual in this plastic age. They work well with a portable player. They felt really heavy initially but I have go used to them and they feel comfortable to me but my ears do fit inside the round cups. Are they worth the price? I think hearing AC/DC sound the way they should sound, is worth the price tag. Maybe I should buy new shoes instead but that’s just me. The supplied cable has a peculiar 3.5 mm jack with locating flanges which lock into a similarly peculiar female connection on the Cheap beats headphone. Not all replacement cables with 3.5 mm jacks will fit these cheap beats by dre studio Purple headphones. Some will some won’t, its a bit hit ‘n’ miss.