How to choose a suitable name for your pooch?

William Shakespeare rightly said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” True! But a name is an identity – that which makes you apart from others… same is with your pet. Here’s how to choose the pawfect name for your pooch.


Surf the dog naming websites: Just like you Google to name your newborn baby, surf websites which have stocked hundreds of
Pallavi Bhattacharya
dog names, from which you can choose a name. The drawback however is that most of these websites just have Western names, if you want to call your canine by a desi name, you won’t find much luck here.


Name as per personality: It’ll be nice to beckon your pet by a name, which blends into his personality. If you call a grand looking dog Maharaja or Shahenshah, just imagine the ‘persona’ the name reflects. Also, imagine the ‘wow’ feeling you get when Maharaja or Shahenshah is always with you.


Choosing fictional/historic dog names: Some may prefer naming their dog after a canine who has made history or has been immortalised through fiction. For instance, those who have been moved to tears by the Loyalty & Love of Hachiko, who waited on faithfully for years at the railway station for his master to return, may name their dog the same. Literature and films have memorable dog characters, thereby giving you many dog name options.


Name as per physical appearance: It makes sense to name a brown dog Brownie, Chocolate, Ebony or Shadow.


Choose a name which won’t embarrass you in public: Maybe you are in the habit of calling your obese pet Motu and that naturally becomes his name. Whereas that may not be so much of a problem within the four walls of your house, your dog may be laughed at and teased when you call him by the same name while taking him on a walk. Another incident is of a girl running after her Golden Retriever called ‘PIA’ in Lucknow (UP). Resulting the girl got a lot of attention from the dog and unwanted attention from the passersby who were only to happy to respond.


Request for permission before naming your dog after a family member or a friend: Naming your dog after your best friend or favourite relative may be appealing to you, but he may find it disrespectful, especially if he isn’t a dog lover. However, if he feels honoured in the process, go ahead.
Think it over before naming your dog after your favourite celebrity: Though choosing a celebrity’s name for your canine may seem to be a great idea, if you update your Facebook status as, “……….. (the celebrity’s name which also happens to be your pet’s name),” it might be offensive to the fans of the very star whom you admire.


Don’t name your dog after your late pet: In a bid to remember your bygone pet forever, you may want to call your current pet by the same name. This may however be unfair to both of them. Each dog has a different personality, therefore each should be addressed differently. Don’t expect your living pet to carry on the legacy of your erstwhile dog.


Choose an uncommon name: When you name your human baby, you want to choose a rare name. Similarly, you may choose a unique name for your pooch.


Select a name which is convenient for your dog: Most importantly, remember that it is your dog, which is being named. Choose a name which he will easily be able to comprehend. Dogs find it difficult to recognise long names; they readily respond to names which are one or two syllables long. Dogs find high frequency sounds extremely audible; this is why names starting with ‘s’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘k’ catch their attention immediately. They also respond quite well to names ending with a vowel, especially a brief ‘a’ or a long ‘e’ sound. Avoid a name which sounds similar to commands like ‘sit’, ‘run’, ‘come’, ‘stand’, ‘jump’, etc.
While naming two pets, choose names that are complementary: In many households, a pair of pets is preferred. Come up with names which go well together, like Topsy and Turvy.


Involve family members: All the members of the family should involve themselves in brain storming sessions to think of an appropriate name for the pet. This should include your children as well. The unanimously decided name will be the one by which your pet will be called by throughout his life.