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Let love be the ‘only reason’ for bringing a dog into your Heart & Home. This four-legged creature is a big responsibility. No matter how well-trained he is, a pet dog is always dependent on his pet parent. So, only bring him home for ‘love’.
Get a dog only if…
Get a dog because you love dogs and want to have one grow old with you. Get a dog because you want to give him a permanent home. Get a dog if you are looking for companionship and loyalty. Most importantly, get a dog only if you love them.
Unfortunately, there are too many people who decide to get a pet dog for the wrong reasons.
Dogs as gift: Sometimes, a dog is given as a gift and when the novelty of keeping a dog wears off, nobody wants to take the responsibility.
A dog is not a toy: There are also instances when kids force their parents to bring home a pet. They play with him until they get tired of their ‘new toy’. Once the little ones lose interest, their parents follow suit and the family abandons the dog.
Dogs as status symbol: Many people believe that having a Pedigree dog such as a Golden Labrador or Cocker Spaniel will put them above their peers in the social strata. Seldom do these pet parents consider financial aspects or their quota of time and affection for a pet.
Just a guard dog: Another bad reason is the need for a protective creature who can scare robbers away – and even the local cats. People using this reason forget that not all breeds are meant to be guard dogs and that dogs are powerless against most human beings, especially those carrying weapons.
Unplanned canine pregnancies:  This occurs because the pet parent has delayed sterilisation or refused to go through with the procedure due to personal beliefs. Usually, pups born out of such pregnancies are either abandoned or given away.
Don’t abandon…
Sadly, those abandoning their dogs do not think about the fate of their once loved pet. When a dog who has been used to a home and regular meals is thrown out into the street, he cannot fend for himself and is sometimes even subjected to violence from other local dogs who don’t like sharing their territory and food sources with him. If he is put into a shelter, the dog is confined to a cage or very limited space. Shelters have their limitations and cannot promise their wards meals that match to the lifestyle they were used to.
In fact, abandoned dogs in shelters may suffer from depression that can lead to rapid death as he may stop eating and moving around. The dog may even try to wander back to his home and end up getting lost or hit by a vehicle in his disturbed state.
If you see somebody you know making this mistake, talk to him or her. Explain what happens when a dog finds himself suddenly homeless and loveless. Be a voice for them!