All in an extra-large furry family of eight

Badari Prasad

When my wife insisted on having a furry friend we brought home a Lab puppy of three months who was round and very naughty. That’s why we named him Robbie Williams! He is very playful and loves to go for drive anytime! In fact, it’s mandatory that he must be taken for a drive daily around the block. When Dr Elizabeth Thomas of Pet Oasis was instrumental in suggesting a partner for Robbie Williams, we chose a gorgeous Lab girl whom we named Kylie Minogue! Very composed very thankful she is! It so happened as they both got really friendly and she gave birth to three puppies at Vet Hospital in Al Ain. We named the pups Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks (two black Labs) and Bella Donna (a beige Lab). We name our pooches after famous personalities because it is easy for us to remember their names. Moreover, they match their characteristic features incidentally with the celebs. At

Dr Arati

last, I got a Golden Retriever pup from a neighbour. Seeing the cuteness in the eyes of the pup my wife Dr Arati said, “He’s going to stay with us.” Then I rescued a Golden Retriever pup, who was abandoned; we named him Tom Cruise and he is the most active, very playful and a cute rascal. Another rescue was for a small size Papillon breed I had rescued from a treacherous circumstance and we named her Tina. That’s how we ended up having a family of eight dogs—a bow wow family! We love them to death.  Yes, we also do feed five cats who are our regular daily visitors and they do bang on time when we feed our pooches. Unfortunately our doggies hate them so they are always behind our villa but I have made a separate comfy arrangement for them.  –Badari Prasad RS, Al Ain, UAE