Ways to keep your pet active in winter


Winters makes us lazy – we don’t feel like going out from cosy indoors. The same applies to our pooch. But it is important to keep your pet active even when the temperature drops. Here are a few tips to an active pet.
Walk in the sun: Take your pet out for a walk in day time when the sun shines. If this is not possible, take him out in the mornings, but make sure he wears a dog coat and booties when he goes out.
Make meal times fun: Give your pet a Kong toy stuffed with his meal. This will stimulate his brain and he will love to eat.
Play indoors: Play the game of fetch inside the house. Toss the ball or a Frisbee and let him retrieve it. You can also play a game of hide and seek with your pet.
Fun with treats: Hide his treats inside the house, give him hints and let him sniff around.
Teach him tricks: Dogs love to please their pet parents. Teach them tricks like hand shake or roll over in the comfort of your home.