Cute Hush Puppy dog!

Small, short-legged, scent hound…the Basset Hound is known for both his sense of smell and long hanging ears that sweep the ground!

What’s in a name: The name Basset is derived from French word bas which means ‘low.’ Bassets do have very short legs that keep them low to the ground. Originally bred for tracking hare and rabbit.

Historical connections: Basset Hounds came into the limelight as a popular dog breed during the time of Emperor Napoleon III in France. Famous French sculptor Emmanuel Fremiet, who is known widely for his sculpture of Joan of Arc in Paris, exhibited the emperor’s Basset Hounds at Paris Salon in the year 1853. After a decade, the breed gained global recognition.

For once, wrinkles are cool: Their hanging skin structure gives them a wrinkled and sad but cute look.

Ears… not just for listening: The long trailing ears of Basset Hounds are more than the hearing purpose. This breed with powerful nose uses his floppy ears, which usher on the floor while sniffing, to trap the scent of the thing or object he is tracking after.

Nose… best in the town: Being a breed bred for hunting, Basset Hounds boast of their strong scent power. Even in the indoors, these hound dogs are famous for their ability to detect any eatable items abandoned recklessly somewhere around. Hunters take the advantage of this breed’s sniffing competence to lead them to the direction where lie the objects of their interest.

Don’t go by their size: These dwarf dogs are extremely tall for their stature. They can reach things on tables which other dogs of their size cannot.

United colours of Bassets: Coat colours of Basset Hounds are varied from one country to another. But their common and usual colour is a tricolour of black, tan and white or bicolour of tan and white. Popular tan coloured coat of the breed can have colour variations from reddish brown and red to lemon. But the combination of lemon and white is quite a rare colour.

Excellent pets: They love people and are extremely good with children. They are loyal to their pet parents and hate to be alone.

Love to talk: They love to talk…howl, bark, whine…they use different sounds to express.

Take care of the ears: Their ears need to be clean and dry to avoid infections and ear mites. Their long ears can also fall into the food bowl; puppies can trip over them and bite their ears. Hence, give special attention to their ears while grooming.

Give attention to the eyes: Bassets have droopy eyes and can collect dirt and mucous. Wipe them with a clean damp cloth every day.

Sitting pretty on a logo: The logo of Hush Puppies brand of shoes features a Basset Hound named Jason.

Popular Bassets: Right from Emperor Napoleon and Queen Alexandra upto US President George Washington were blessed with Basset Hounds. The US President was gifted a Basset Hound for his hunting expeditions.

As they were bred to hunt in packs they are very social and gentle.

Famous Bassets

Be it in TV series, music videos, advertisements, magazines… Basset Hounds have made widely acclaimed global reputation. Elvis Presley’s famous song Hound Dog was dedicated to a Basset Hound named Sherlock. The classic TV series Lassie featured a Basset named Pokey who was a close friend of Lassie, a long-haired Collie. Time magazine in 1928 carried a Basset Hound on its front cover on the occasion of the 52nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan. Some of the famous Basset Hounds in movies are Lafayette in The Aristocrats; Toby in Great Mouse Detective; Buster in Toy Story 2 & 3, to name a few!