Sports, Socialisation and Entertainment @ Dog’s Day Out


At the Powai Fest 2016, Rotary Club of Bombay presented an opportunity for pets and their pet parents to socialise and party. As part of the festival, Living The Dreamz Events organised Dog’s Day Out on 10th January 2016 at Eden Football Grounds in Powai as an event to promote pet culture.
Pooja Sathe
Dog’s Day Out was a perfect party that dogs would love to attend with their pet parents
and fellow canine friends. Dog lovers at the fest witnessed immense activities and entertainment. The venue was spacious and well divided in various sections like: Agility Zone, Grooming Corner, Paw Casting & Photography Booth, and Pet Café & Human Café.
Dog’s Day Out also had a pet personality session in which pets were judged on coat condition and overall health and obedience.
Paw casting
Yet another crowd puller at the fest was creation of special keepsakes prepared by Sonali Chauhan from Evercasting Dreamz, which engages in casting various expressions of paws, hands and feet in 2D and 3D models. “I have always been fascinated by animals in general. So, we have started paw casting over the last few months,” she said, adding, “Pets are like children to us. Therefore it’s the only right that you can create special keepsakes to remember them too! Memories and sentiments play a very important part in our lives and we help you to remember and cherish them forever.” These keepsakes of paws make ideal gifts for every pet lover.
How do paws get casted?
Step 1: Paws are put on moulding material (silicon mould rubber) made of fruit rubber powder, which is completely organic and safe to be contacted on pet’s skin.
Step 2: Casting material normally used for framing is stone. It’s called ‘stone’ because of its hard property.
Step 3: Colours used are quality colouring substances that will not going black for 25 years.
Agility in actions
Pooja Sathe of CRAZY K9 CAMPERS conducted an agility show in which breeds of all kinds participated for socialisation. There are items like Jump, Stay, Walk all designed according to the breeds; and all the participants were rewarded treats and toys at the end. “Since the agility game was not a competition but a socialisation session, every participant was treated as winner,” shared Pooja Sathe.
How to teach ‘Jump’ to your dog?
Step 1: Let your dog stand facing the obstacle/hurdle.
Step 2: Command him ‘jump’ showing a toy or a treat from behind the hurdle.
Step 3: After he successfully jumps, praise him with a treat.