The silk effect!

Elegant, beautiful, balanced, fun-loving, brave and adapting… Havana Silk Dog is all you can ask for.

Striking looks…

Havana Silk Dog is a small but athletic dog. He is rectangular in shape and has long silky hair. His coat is soft, slightly wavy and long. Bred for herding, he has a lively gait. He has a black, broad nose while his dark, large eyes are set well apart. His eyes are barely visible as he has a curtain of hair falling over them. His ears are set high and are triangular in shape.

They are available in a variety of colours. Their height ranges from 8-11 inches while they weigh around 3-6 kg.

Remarkable personality…

Havana Silk Dog is a fun-loving, socially attracted dog with an easy going and adaptable nature. They are wonderful, amiable companions who like nothing more than to be with their people. They are intuitive and good natured… willing to match their activities to that of their pet parents. From running companions to couch potatoes, they are happy to enjoy activity, or inactivity with them. They are very accepting of children and are gentle and tolerant of them.

Puppy care…

Havana Silk puppies are small and should be maintained in a safe environment under supervision. Exercise pens make safe havens when pet parents cannot watch their puppy. Housebreaking can be challenging in small dogs and too much freedom, too soon, makes it nearly impossible.

Exercise needs…

They do not require a lot of exercise but, if they feel the need to run off excess energy, they will simply do it… the game is called ‘Runlikehell’… they simply get up and race around spontaneously until they are done… Some are good retrievers while others enjoy working with pet parents in ‘rally’ and ‘agility’ exercises.

Groom them beautiful…

If kept in full coat, they should be combed frequently with baths depending on their activities and environment. They shed very little. However, dead hair must be combed or brushed out or they will mat. Sanitary trimming helps keep them clean.

(Joanne V Baldwin, DVM, has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 35 years, and has devoted much of that time working to improve the health and genetic soundness of purebred dogs. Since 1992 she has been deeply involved in the evolution of Havana Silk Dog, raising top show dogs, performance dogs and beloved pets).

Kudos to the wags!

Havana Silk Dogs are very individual in their behaviour… some are lap dogs, some more independent. They are intuitive and usually adapt their behaviour to suit the situation. They make wonderful therapy dogs…for nursing homes, hospitals, Alzheimer units and schools for autistic children.