Smart, Smarter, Smartest-Scientific Pooches!


We Can Decipher You – They are emotionally and socially intelligent, have great problem-solving skills, can follow human voice and gestures. Dogs have evolved with humans over thousands of years hence are capable of DECODING emotions in human interactions. No wonder they can understand our emotional expressions. Sparkle definitely knows the time to leave the room when he notices my angry emotions! Also, on my lazy days Sparkle Barks and scolds me to ‘RISE & SHINE’!
My Favourite People – The dog’s brain also has a specialised part wherein recognition of face happens. No wonder Sparkle jumps with joy, barks with happiness, joy and glee, his whole body language is happy and rolling over the bed, sofa and carpet when my sister comes home.
Me Jealous? YES! Like humans, dog can be jealous too. A research in the University of San Diego shows that when dogs and their pet parents were kept in the room, the pet parents were asked to focus on things other than their dogs. The dogs try their best to get the attention back of their pet parents… showing their jealousy. So when Suhaan was born family members were first requested to shower all their love to SPARKLE first and then come and meet Suhaan – to avoid jealousy matters!
The Gaze That MELTS & STEALS Your Heart – What’s more? University of Tokyo and Duke University researchers state that when a dog gazes at his pet parent, the same hormone – oxytocin – is spiked in both brains, which triggers the feeling of love beyond words. Sparkle and all our other Paw friends sure are MASTERS in this crime! One look and we the pet parents are TRAINED & COMMITTED for life!
Can You Help Me? Domestic dogs have lost a bit of their problem-solving capabilities and they look at their pet parents for solution, just like human kids do with their parents. I always wondered why Sparkle wouldn’t pull his leash when lightly stuck – but call out to me for help by barking. The tone of the HELP bark is different from the normal bark!
Me Eavesdropping? Yes! Dogs on judging human interaction tend to take side of their favourite people. In the family we are Happiest to notice whose side Sparkle takes – because that person is both TREASURED and PRECIOUS by SPARKLE which is an awesome feel good factor and the whole family- vies for this position!
We Can Take DECISIONS – And they are intelligent…with a mind of their own. Sparkle sure knows which route to take me for a walk, or better still when not to step out on a cold day or a rainy day. He is sure about not getting his paws or fur muddy! Our old Highness now has also started choosing the Time and Person who he would like to HONOUR to step out with!
OCD OMG! A Finnish study reveals that’s dogs who chase their tail, snap at invisible flies, pacing, etc. Maybe having Obsessive Compulsive DISORDER (OCD) gives me a new insight onto why Sparkle digs the Drawing Room floor…repeatedly as a behaviour on certain day! Nevertheless, blessed are all of us who are BLESSED with a pooch. Mordecai Siegal rightly said, “Acquiring a dog may be the only time a person gets to choose a relative.”
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