Multiply fun and joy at vacations


The problem…
If your holiday plans are always hampered or have you worried about leaving Bruno with a neighbour or a relative, a kennel that is hygienic, safe and would care enough when you are away on your travels, most of the time one ends up with canceled plans or short breaks or simply worrying about your pet instead of enjoying your holiday.
The solution…
Mahindra Homestays, a part of Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Limited, offers over 350 homes across 52 destinations and 15 states of India and about 50 percent of them are pet friendly. The homestays that allow pets have hosts who love having pets around and one can’t miss that they also are pet owners, making them empathise with a pet’s needs. As Jaideep Singh of Madhu Pushp Bhawan, Rajasthan puts it, “My pet name is Johnny and since most of the people do not allow pets in their hotels, we give the tourists a facility to stay with their pets.” Their own pets also usually get along well with the paw guests. Safety of all the pets and other guests are also taken care of.
Your pet stays with you and is allowed to roam free (if everyone is comfortable). The best part of such a trip for your pet is that these homes are huge and have a lot of space for running around and playing (unlike city homes). The pets also get to have the company of other pets and new people. Usually pets stay is not charged but this would depend from home to home and on the length of stay and on special requirements for your pet.
Various types of houses including heritage homes (havelis, tharavad houses, palaces etc) or plantation home and farms, and city homes with modern touches (like in Kochi, Jaipur, Delhi) and rural homes (Ladakh, Kewsing, Sindhudurg) are part of the portfolio giving a traveler enough choice of experiences and culture but with a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. One can even choose to experience a real rural lifestyle by visiting their homes in Spiti, Pali and Ladakh.
The experience…
The essential homestay experience is similar to staying with relatives or your closest friends. You may go out with your pet or leave him behind in loving and caring hands knowing that they are looked after. “Normally, pet parents take care of the pet, we just guide them,” told Jaideep Singh. For their feeding, usually the hosts are happy to feed them whatever their own pets eat but if you bring along dry food that’s taken care of for their meals too. You can see the staff or the host even taking your dog out for a walk, however, some homeowners may expect guests to ensure that the pets do not create a mess. As Priyanshika Sur puts it, “My daughter’s (pet) name is Persia and we took her on a vacation at one of Mahindra Homestays venue.
The staff was very friendly and we had a good time. It’s a great effort of Mahindra Homestays.”
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