Bubbles 4 Paws: One-stop dog grooming salon and boarding facility


Conveniently located in South Delhi, Bubbles 4 Paws is a one-stop professional dog grooming salon and boarding facility. Spread over an area of approximately 1300 sq ft, this pet care corner caters all the needs of a dog. Looking clean and groomed is a must for all pets. So, Bubbles 4 Paws offers aroma and medicated baths with a blow dry, breed specific hair clipping and basic hygiene like nail clipping and ear cleaning, all of which are taken care of by trained staff.
Bubbles 4 Paws also offers ‘day care’ along with long and short term boarding facilities. In case of an urgent appointment, attending a function or any emergency, pet parents can drop off their beloved furry buddies either for day or night stay under the care of 24 hour staff and the pets will be looked after so closely, helping pet parents enjoy tension free vacations. For further enquiries, write in at: apmadhok@gmail.com