Pawsome Valentine’s gifts!


What’s a Valentine’s Day without gifts? Our friends from Ahmedabad share unique gift ideas for your beloved
pooch. Favourite treats, a luxurious spa session, a drive in the car – these are just a few things that pet parents would like their pets to indulge on Valentine’s Day. But there are more ways to express their love…let’s see how.
A pawfect Valentine…
Valentine’s Day is a very special day for the ones who have true love in their lives. “For me, the true and unconditional love of my life is what I see in my pet’s eyes: Frodo,” shares Priyanka Kanhare. “Well on this special day, I cannot give him anything 100 percent in return of the love, care and affection which he showers on me, but what I really wish to do is to groom him, take him out for a long drive in my car (which he loves the most), and get him some dog treats which he shall relish,” she mentions. And pet parents would certainly agree that a way to your pet’s heart goes through his stomach!
Date or a mate…
Valentine’s Day is all about love. Though we are the world for our pooches, they do deserve the company of other tailwaggers. So, how about a date or a mate for your pooch? Like, Priyanka Roy says, “Appie shall always remain the best gift I could ever have on any occasion. But my two-year-old tiny doggie desperately needs a partner to carry forward his lineage. No other better day than this cupid-struck day to make him meet with his lady love. I shall make sure he looks well-groomed to sweep the other Shih-Tzu off her feet…Valentine is in the air for everyone!”
While, Priyanka Kanhare shares that she will make his pet dog Frodo meet other dogs and make him friends with them. “You never know he may find his love this day – his mate,” she adds.
Similar views were shared by Krunal Desai, who says, “I will take Snowy on a date with other Shih Tzu females in a garden where we will give him lots of toys and his favourite food…which is chicken of course!”
Every dog has his day…
Well, how we feel when we are free to do what our heart likes…we would be thrilled to life! Same is with our pets and Sanjana Kapoor is willing to do exactly this for her pooch. ‘‘For Valentine’s Day, I would want to let Caesar be free – free to chew, to run and to play! No telling him what he can and cannot do. I will also treat him to spa, take him for a long walk and give him his favourite food – home-boiled chicken!”
A day to celebrate…
Pet parents do not hesitate is spending the day with their pooches…after all, it is the celebration of love. Saravan Jaikumar has planned to celebrate the day in the manner his pooch likes…if newspaper is what he likes, then let it be his gift! “On Valentine’s Day, Bumble Bee will get his all time favourite toy – tearing the newspaper before we get a chance to read it. This will be followed by a complete day of fun in the park after which the spa, with a special hot tub and bubble bath. Not to forget, a plate full of his favourite treats with a candle on top…just a way to say…we love him,” he shares.
While Manish Mishra says, “I am planning to gift Tozo a new pair of ‘winter jackets’. Also, will send him for a spa session so that he feels refreshed and I am sure my Valentine is going to love this look of his!! I will also dedicate a romantic song for Tozo!” he says.
Unique gift…
We have all heard of giving treats and favourite toys to our pooches, but birds…that too to free them from their confinement…well, one of our pet parents would actually like to do that. “My Kuku likes to make the birds fly. So I would buy as many birds in cages and ask my Kuku to make them free to fly. And lastly I would throw grand Valentine’s party for all the pet dogs to celebrate the eve together, just like it’s shown in the Bollywood movie Kya Super Kool Hain Hum’s Pug wedding’,” shares Arrpita Golia.
Special cake…
Valentine’s Day can be celebrated under a common theme called ‘love’. But gifts could be of anything under the sun. “I would like to start the special day by baking a special heart-shaped cake for my pooches – Taurus (German Shepherd) and Austin (Rottweiler) and will click lots of photographs to compile a special Valentine’s Day album. We will wind up the day by taking them to a pet store to buy lots of gifts and treats, then to car drive which they really enjoy,” says Shivam Sharma.
So what’s your idea of a pawfect Valentine’s gift for your pooch? Come on, let’s make this Valentine’s Day pawfect!
(Inputs from Ashish and Poorvi Anthony who run JUST DOGS Superstore and Spa in Ahmedabad, which is a full-service pet business dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, high-quality pets, quality pet care and furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable cost. Ashish has worked at a high paced, customer service oriented profession at a growing company for 17 years and his wife Poorvi is a groomer and pet services specialist trained in Canada.)
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