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Dining two-gether – We love to bond with our pets…love is extended to dining two-gether. The good news is…now we have a few pet-friendly restaurants in India, where you can smack a scrumptious meal with your pet. Delhi’s first dog café, Puppychino, offers pet-friendly yummy treats. Similarly, Doolally Taproom and ZooBa do in Mumbai. And such cafes popular in overseas cities are Coolbaby Pet Restaurant (Beijing), Besa Grill (Florida), Dog Park Café (California), SupportTNR (Taipei), to name a few.
Cool canine on a hot summer day – There’s nothing like a cool dip on a hot summer day! Well, most of us love to swim. There are a few dog pools as well to indulge your pooches. In Chennai alone, there are three dog pools like Harley & Me, Hotel for Dogs and Inji’s Boarding Kennel.
Sizzling summer care – Since summer is at its peak in most parts of India, it is very important to keep our pooches cool and hydrated. It is awesome to know that the Ballari district police provide their kennels with coolers and dogs are taken care in summer with coconut water, Glucon-D water and energy boosting drinks, to help them tolerate the heat. In a similar manner, the dog squad of Kolkata Police provides their pooches swimming exercise, oral re-hydration solutions and baths them with sponge to keep them healthy.
Honour for gallantry – NSG canine Rocky, a Belgian Malinois, will get a Sena Medal, the first four-legged gallantry award in India for his gallant action in the counter-terror operation at the Pathankot airbase in January this year. In Paris, a French Police dog named Diesel, who died during a raid on an apartment after the terror attack in the city, has been awarded ‘Dickin Medal’, described as the supreme honour for gallantry.
Dogs can adorn a number of hats and in this issue we bring you a brief about the multiple roles our pooches can take up for their human friends. Also, we bring you a special feature on the origin of various popular breeds. Read on to know more about the particular breed you own or fancy.
Sparkle wishes you all HAPPY SUMMER DAYS and reminds you to take care of your PARIAH FRIENDS! As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
“Happy Responsible Pet Parenting and Happy Reading!”
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