It is not miracle, It’s Magic!


Sidhant Bhatia and Magic
Here’s an insight into a fascinating story of every emotion known to human involved, thus making me believe that ‘My Dog is My God’. MAGIC is the name! Yup you read it right. I call him MAGIC because he is ‘magical’ in every sense of our journey so far. Now, know how this ‘magic’ happened to me. It was on 6th July 2015, with the help of a clutch and a friend, I was very reluctant going out of my home after almost seven months, because on 5th December 2014 I met with an accident in which I almost lost my leg, thus lost my job and finally lost all my social life and leading me to depression.
Going out of home after such a long time was something else and on the way I saw a pet shop. So limping I entered and saw a cage with four black pearls. I asked for few biscuits from the attendant to feed them. As soon as I poked one inside the cage a pup just took a leap and snatched it like any other pooch. But unlike any other pooch his took that biscuit and gave it to his sister who seemed unwell, this repeated thrice before he ate one and that moment he took my heart and I decided to take him home.
I still remember the moment I entered my home and I told mom, “Here’s your grandson.” She laughed after seeing me happy after so many days. I was going through loads of physiotherapy sessions, so I was not able to play with him much. One-day my physiotherapist did not come and this little furry kid who merely weighed around 8-10 kg picked my ankle weighing about 4 kg and started dragging towards me, bringing tears to my eyes. The same time I decided that day I will work hard and the only thing which was missing was the motivation and reason that this kid gave me.
Doctors said it would take another year for me to recover. But my kid pushed me hard and every time I did lack my motivation he used to push me to walk, forcing me every evening standing with his leash in his month, staring straight into my eyes and telling me no matter what I am. Within no time I started walking, even running. By November I was fine and doctors said it’s just a miracle, but I said, “No, it’s MAGIC!”
Naughtiest Lab
MAGIC is the naughtiest Labrador on the planet who socialises with every dog and at the same time is very intelligent at the age of six months. He won six prizes at pet fests including the ‘Cutest Dog’ in big breed category. Now I fear nothing, because I know I have a dog who blessed me and blessing me every day.
He is just a rollercoaster ride who has given me goose bumps and joy at the same time. To conclude, I would like just to say there no love which can be compared to a dog’s love for his pet parent. And today I am proud to say that I am a parent of such a ‘magical’ creature created by God, because he cannot come personally to give love to everyone. Signing off a proud pet parent Sidhant Bhatia and his cutest kid MAGIC! WOOF-WOOF!
-Sidhant Bhatia, New Delhi