Why did you go away?


April 7, the most astonishing day of my life! Having a furry friend like Freddie was the happiest days of my life. I’m not sure how many of you will agree with me, but losing a pet is unbearable. The day he left, my heart forgot how to go on without him.For others he was ‘just a dog’ but for me he was my companion in my bad and good times.I

Jaspreet and Freddie

often sit alone and think about that day he left me.Three years have passed and I still cannot understand the reason why he didn’t come home that day, like any other day. What really happened that day? No one knows about that story. The way I used to smile when I saw his shining eyes, those shiny eyes filled my heart with happiness. Those tears rolled down from my eyes when he sat on my lap and I shared my secrets with him. It’s only real for everyone to think he died that day but only thing I can say is a part of me died that day. Like everyone says he is never going to come back. Yeah! He will never, but I have faith he is watching me over at each and every step of my life, like sun rays do in day and stars at night. What I believe is that the day I will get to know the reason of him leaving me will be only when I go to the door of the almighty! Yes, I know he will be waiting for me on the staircase to paradise. For now, I shall wait to connect with him again, feel his presence again and ask him, ‘Why did you go away?’
-Jaspreet Kaur, Indirapuram , Ghaziabad