Gauhar Khan


Our beloved pooches always know how to steal a heart…. Here’s more on Gauhar Khan’s love for her pet. Gauhar Khan rose to fame when she won the 2002 Femina Miss India International title. She has been a popular VJ, model and an actor. Host to TV channel Zoom’s popular show Page 3, Gauhar has also been a part of reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and of course acted in various movies like Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, etc.
But there’s more to this beautiful lady… Gauhar Khan is a pooch person. She is often seen going for morning jogs with her pooch Keemo. Well, Gauhar loves pampering her dog and here’s more on the bond they share.
Home is where the pooch is…
After a hard day’s work nothing feels better than coming home to Keemo, so says the beauty. “I love going for morning jogs with my pet dog. We usually play with Frisbee once we’re done with our morning jog,” adds Gauhar.
Bonding time…
“It’s important to take time out to spend with your pet. There was a time when I didn’t see Keemo for weeks altogether and that made it really difficult,” says the pretty damsel. “Pets need to be constantly reassured with love.”
Vacation and pets…
Gauhar Khan
Gauhar usually doesn’t take her dog out for a long vacation since it gets very difficult for the pet to adjust to a new environment, but whenever she goes out with her friends for a quick getaway over the weekend she always takes him along. As she puts it, “It’s all the more difficult to take your pet along for a vacation or a destination with extreme climatic variation. So, I prefer not to take Keemo out on such vacations.”
Pooches and food…
Being a dog lover means being responsible; you need to maintain a steady schedule of the pet’s daily routine. Gauhar ensures her dog is well nourished and well fed. His staple diet usually consists of homemade food and Pedigree. “He loves different chew sticks that are different flavours of available,” adds Gauhar.
“Dogs should not be fed sweets but whenever I take Keemo to his friends’ birthday parties I let him feed on some yummy treats – which are good for him,” says the doting pet parent Gauhar.
Gauhar’s grooming tips…
Gauhar keeps Keemo well-groomed and she shares, “Firstly the shampoo should be specific for the pet you are bathing and low foaming so that it rinses away easily and does not strip nutrients from the coat. Also, make sure you use a washcloth to wet your pet’s face. We should only bathe dogs when they need it – once a month is fine for most dogs. Never use cat shampoo on dogs; read the label on pet shampoo beforehand to make sure it’s for your pet’s age and breed. Also, never use human shampoo. It is a different pH level, start brushing your pets when they are young or when you first adopt them. Both dogs and cats love routine, as it makes them feel safe. Be careful while brushing and do it gently!”

  • Favourite activity together: Playing with a Frisbee.
  • Annoying habits: Playing in the mud, it’s a hassle to clean Keemo’s nails after the play.
  • Qualities you love: When Keemo licks me on my face in the morning to wake me up.
  • Funny/crazy antics: When Keemo gets too excited, he runs around in circles chasing his own tail.