Cell-Pet: An oxygen supplement for overall wellbeing of your pet


Cell-Pet is a unique, proprietary ionic formula containing dissolved oxygen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids – and features an exceptional water-splitting cell-oxygenating process.
What is Cell-Pet?
Cell-Pet is a liquid, highly-concentrated, super-energised, colloidal mineral and nutritional supplement, which you can add to the drinking water of your pet on a daily basis, in order to maintain its peak performance and general well-being. Cell-Pet is not a medicine. As a nutritional supplement, it provides your pet with a constant stream of essential building blocks (for example, oxygen, minerals, etc.) so that its systems can optimally carry out their functions of energising, cleansing, building, balancing and protecting living tissue every day.
How does Cell-Pet achieve results?
It breaks down the water molecule to Hydrogen (plus) and oxygen (minus) that oxygen atom oxygen (minus) is attracted to the free radicals oxygen (plus), forming a molecule of pure oxygen at cellular level. As soon as your pet drinks water with Cell-Pet, it starts working in its most amazing and unique manner, on the physical, electromagnetic, chemical and biological levels of your pet.
Cell-Pet Oxygen: It (from splitting water molecule) is used in production of metabolic Energy, and for oxidizing toxins and metabolic body waste for effective elimination.
Cell-Pet Hydrogen: It (from splitting water molecule) is used for irrigating, building and strengthening cells and organs, preventing inflammation, moistening lung surface for gas diffusion, and regulating body temperature.
Benefits of Cell-Pet
Acting as an oxygen therapy in the body: It increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood stream.
Increases cellular respiration: Provides oxygen and hydrogen to the individual cells of the body.
Natural antibiotic: It kills infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, without harming beneficial microorganisms needed for your body.
Energy boosting properties: Helps in detoxification of cellular wastes, allowing the body to function clean and efficient, further increasing energy levels over time.
Help in deeply detoxifying the body: As Cell-Pet splits water molecule and forms nascent hydrogen and nascent oxygen, it helps liver in its detoxification process by producing oxygenation in the hepatic cells.
Metabolic efficiency catalyst: Enhances nutrient absorption and increases metabolism.
Balances the body metabolism: It can bring about an appropriate balance and activate the body’s rapid healing response.
Great for treating water: Add two drops to a gallon of water and set the mixture aside for four to eight hours. The result is clean
drinking water.
Produces extraordinary results by preventing atherosclarosis: It’s designed to replenish proper blood levels of these nutrients and enhance the metabolic benefit of other supplements and nutrients as well as assist in the elimination of toxins and toxic waste materials from the body.
Balancing the body’s system: Works at the physical level by providing the body with essential minerals for the constitution of the physical body; at the electrical and electro-magnetic levels; at the biological level by enhancing natural biological processes; and also on the chemical level by supplying amino acids to the body for building protein.
Strengthen the immune system: Raises the frequencies of all organs, making them more resistant to the lower frequencies of viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.
Recover faster from injuries: Acts as a free electron donor, repairing tissue on contact at the cellular level.
Cell-Pet is a registered blend of natural plant-sourced minerals, nutrients and electrolytes in ionic colloidal suspension, and proprietary elements that supply controlled nascent oxygen and hydrogen at cellular level. All ingredients are organic (but not certified as yet) and totally non-toxic. They are cryogenically, not chemically, extracted to ensure maximum pureness and potency. No alcohol or glucose is used in the product.
Cell-Pet is also hypo-allergenic.
Cell-Pet can be taken in conjunction with other remedies, medications and additives because it increases their bio-availability and effectiveness.
How do you give Cell-Pet to your pet?
Mix the Cell-Pet in 20 ml purified water to super energise your pet drink. Make sure your pet finishes the whole water.
Daily Water Intake Days 1 & 2 Days 3 & 4 Days 5 & 6 Day 7 Onwards Small Breed 1 drop 1 drop 2 drops 3 drops Medium Breed 1 drop 2 drops 4 drops 6 drops Large Breed 2 drops 3 drops 5 drops 8 drops