Indeed a Man’s Best Friend!


E s h a ni k a K a j a r i a and Mario
Dogs – they are a huge part of our lives. Dogs are special and a wonderful creation of God. They bring out the very best in us and love us unconditionally for what we are. The puppy eyes and warm heart, that makes them special. When all friends leave us, when you may not have money, no family but your pet is always there. I know that they bark and bite, but for someone who knows, they know what’s deep inside. Love that they give is a pleasant gift and the wags and licks that make my day. He may be little, he may not be perfect but what is important is his love. With a passionate heart they are ready to please us. “Aww” that’s what you say when you see a cute dog. From the police to the homes, dogs are vital in our lives and they may not speak but they show their love for us in every small way. They are small with big hearts. And I am proud to say that ‘I am a Dog Lover’ and have a pet named MARIO!
Love you Mario!!!!
Eshanika Kajaria, Class VII, La Martiniere, Kolkata