Pawsome Eight


I share my home & heart with Mischief, but there are seven more angels who stay around my house.
I never start my day, my day starts me because of the lovely gifts given to me by god. Mischief wakes me daily at sharp 5:30 am for my school. I think that my alarm clock can fail, but Mischief is always charged.
I get ready for school and after giving Mischief a loving hug, I run down the stairs to meet my lady Timmie. Timmie’s eyes are most beautiful and remind me of the sun. Meanwhile, Mischief watches on and does not like me adoring Timmie.
Then my school cab arrives and I leave for school. But that is not all! I relish the warmth and affection that my buddies shower me, during every free period there is always a charm to reach home, as soon as possible. When I come back home, I get loaded with love from my furry friends. First arrives Timmie who jumps at me and barks in a very joyful manner, as if saying, “Welcome back!”
Then come the love birds – the ferocious Tilly and the snow white Kenny. They both greet me in a playful way and I offer them some treats.
Now, comes the most suspicious one, Dekstor, he never allows me to touch him but expresses his love nevertheless.
The slow walking turtle, Liza, arrives and gives me a big smile of a mile with a slowly moving tail. She is the laziest but still the apple of my eye.
There by the mountains sits Faith, the ‘Do-Not-Enter-Here’ dog. He never climbs down the sand mountain and so, I need to climb a 10 feet high sand mountain to greet him.
Now, I will make you familiar with the most speedy creature of our colony! Yes, this is the usual adjective that people share about, my always winning athlete, Bonzii. He runs like a bullet, especially on a new arrival.
After spending an hour with my pals, I respond to my eager mother who keeps constantly reminding me of the running time and my studies. Oh, it’s night now, it means dinner time and then “Good-bye”. I feed all of my pals with milk and bread, so that they do not have an empty stomach and craving soul. Then, they have belly rubs, one by one and I say, “Good night” to them. The pulse of my heart, Mischief, sleeps besides me and we all Pawsome Eight meet in our dreams! My every day is made special because of these dogs. I am just IX class student at Delhi Public School (DPS), Mathura Road, New Delhi but have inferred from all these.
–Kanupriya Agarwal, New Delhi

My soulmate

Inspite of my hard work, my performance in my college presentation was bad – I was dejected and depressed. I came home only to find myself welcomed by a loving, caring and smiling face. She greeted me with such love and affection that it clearly reflected in her eyes. I ignored her presence and went to my room and started crying. She slowly came behind me and sat in front of me silently watching me cry. I started to yell and vented out my frustration. She quietly listened to me without interfering. Then she came up to me and kissed me. Her eyes and expression were worth 1,000 words. She quietly said, “Don’t worry, I am here for you.” By looking at her calm and serene face, I completely forgot all my worries and decided to do better next time. Guess who I’m referring here! She is my Flutter, my five years old Labrador!
She is one of the most calm and loving pets you can ever meet. She is full of life and spreads happiness wherever she goes. She always inspires me to learn new things every day. She is the best thing that’s happened to me. It’s because of her I have learnt to be calm and patient in life. I have started analysing things not just mentally but emotionally as well. I am very thankful to God for creating an amazing and beautiful companion like Flutter.
–Aishwarya G, Mumbai