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Gauri remarks, “Simba’s coming made me and my family awaken to new experiences–to perceive our environment, both humans and animals as an interconnected whole, and open ourselves up to a whole new world in that awareness. I wanted to share our story so others too may laugh and learn with us, a shared journey of joyous discovery. And understand, as we did, how one little furry being can go a long way in bringing about change – a welcome, necessary change, that emphasises love and commitment in an uncertain world and underlines renewed wonder in everyday life experiences. Simba may be a dog but to us he is a valued, wonderful member of our family and writing about him made me realise just how important he is to our evolutionary growth in the larger cycle/circle of life.” Dog-Send
The Story of Simba
Author: Gauri Sinh
Set in Mumbai, Dog-Send: The Story of Simba is a touching story of Simba, a cheeky Labrador puppy who enters the life of a prominent and beautiful journalist and changes it forever. Chait is a man of few words, with a quiet dedication to his wife, his family, his rugby pals and, above all, his dogs. Having grown up with pets, Chait desperately wants a dog, so his journalist wife Gauri who finally relents and gets Simba, a mischievous Labrador puppy.
As the months turn into years, Simba nuzzles his soft furry way into Gauri’s heart, even as he insists on sharing the bed with his ‘parents’, never obeys anyone but Chait, and shows a rather perilous affection for violent strays. When Gauri and Chait realise they are expecting their first child, Gauri becomes concerned. Will Simba be jealous or remain his affectionate self? But after a deeply harrowing experience, in which both Chait and Simba’s lives are at risk, Gauri and Chait discover that no concerns can ever come in the way of their lasting love for Simba.
A wonderful story of life and love in Mumbai, of friendships built around pets, of moving visits with pet psychics and of family ties; a narrative that creates a profound and genuinely enlivening picture of life as it is actually lived in India: heartfelt, passionate, warm and deeply human. Gauri Sinh was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Graduated from the University of Mumbai with a degree in English, she is editor of After Hours (lifestyle and entertainment supplement of DNA).