Pooja Bedi


Tall and graceful, Pooja Bedi inherits her genes from the legendary actor Kabir Bedi and renowned Odissi dancer Protima Bedi. “I have pets since 1982. My first pet was Bobo, a Lhasa Apso and I learnt a new meaning of man-canine relation with her. We all… me, my brother and Bobo… had a lot of fun …in fact we all grew up together,” tells Pooja.
The memory stock
Pooja has all her fond childhood memories to share as she adds, “Bobo had a very peculiar personality. At that time we were in a boarding school, so she developed a phobia of people leaving home and going away. She extremely loved and welcomed everybody who entered our home. But nobody was allowed to leave the house in front of her.”
Bobo – the dance lover
Bobo was fond of everyone in the family, especially Pooja’s mother Protima. “Mom was very close to Bobo. She taught her Jagannath Swami mudras, Namaskar etc…as Bobo used to be part of her dance rehearsals,” reveals Pooja.
The replacement
Bobo died at a tender age of 10. Her death left everybody in deep pain. As Pooja shares, “We were so heartbroken that we decided to never adopt pets again. But we couldn’t resist and in no time Taffy, once again a Lhasa Apso, entered our lives.” The void created by Bobo’s death was joyfully filled by Taffy. “Taffy added joy to our household. She was just too wonderful…loving…gentle…and so expressive that I could easily make out whatever she wanted…it was a wonderful connection. We were extremely close, as she followed me like a shadow,” remarks Pooja.
United in grief
Taffy’s death was really heartbreaking for Pooja but the most touching part was that the entire family came to her funeral.
The new entrant
Magic, Pooja’s third doggie, is adorable and sweet. She bought him home as a surprise to her kids – Omar and Aaleya. “I walked into my home holding magic in the palm…as he was quite tiny. My kids thought him to be a little toy and asked me if he was real…and the moment they came closer, Magic winked and they both jumped with joy. There was new joy in the family,” says Pooja. The reason behind the homecoming of Magic was as sweet as magic itself. As she narrates, “My kids were missing pets in their lives. And to my surprise, they started pestering me to have friends to play with. So, the consensus was to bring a puppy home.”
Magic meets Pandora
As Pooja’s household got familiar with gushing and cooing of l’il Magic, the need for another playmate was felt again. Pooja’s friend Anna Singh’s pet had a litter, and so she was invited to adopt one of them. Pooja along with family chose to adopt a Lhasa Apso and fondly named her Pandora.
Pandora and Magic mixed up well together in no time. “There’s a wonderful bond between these two siblings. Being quite protective and loving, Magic takes good care of Pandora. It’s a great sight,” asserts Pooja.
Made for each other
Omar and Aaleya share a loving relationship with both their pets, as their popularity is not just limited to home…but they are stars among their friends as well. “Magic and Pandora are so much fond of my children that they even accompany them for pick and drop to their school. With them, it’s always play time at home. They go shopping, walks and long drives with us. They are my adorable kids,” mentions Pooja.
A complete family
Food, grooming and all vaccinations are taken care of by Pooja. In fact, she feeds them what they relish, be it keema, chicken, cheese, mutton, chicken, and vegetables, especially tomatoes. “I keep changing their diet plan as I believe they have every right to be a part of the family table,” adds Pooja.
An appeal to all
On a concluding note, Pooja expresses her wish to be HUMAN to our cuddly canines and she adds, “Our pooches have short lives…just 10-14 years. So, I feel we should never deprive them for anything. Let them live the most.” And her message goes – KEEP THEIR SOULS HAPPY!