Picture purrfect!


Chausies don’t lie on the sofa…they drape themselves over it. They don’t run…they lope. They don’t sit…they pose. For many people, one Chausie is the beginning of a love affair with the breed. Which breed of cat looks like an Egyptian cat statue, but is too tall, too long, and far too deep-chested to be an Abyssinian? He doesn’t have long fur, but he has ear tufts and a unique tabby pattern. Some of them like water and might even eat frogs if given a chance. Yes, we are talking about the Chausie.

The wild heritage…


Pronounced CHOW-SEE, Chausie is a breed derived from breeding non-domestic species Felis chaus (also called jungle cats) to domestic cats. Today’s Chausies usually have much more domestic blood than non-domestic blood, but they retain many of the best traits of their wild ancestors.

The wild looks…

The Chausie is a domestic breed which preserves the type of the jungle cat as well as his colours and patterns like the brown (black) ticked tabby, solid black, and black grizzled ticked tabby. The grizzled pattern is unique to the jungle cat and thus to the Chausie breed.

The recognition…

The first cats were registered in TICA 1995. The breed was accepted to begin showing in TICA (The International Cat Association) in 2000. On May 1, 2013 the Chausie will begin competing in the Championship Class.

Living with Chausie…

The Chausie tends to be a long, tall, lanky cat. He’s not as heavy as he looks, but can be quite an armful to pick up. This is a cat who likes to have room to spread out, to run, leap, and jump. The Chausie is active, social with humans and other cats, and quite intelligent. This is not a breed who likes to be left alone all the time or in a boring environment. Chausies from the third generation onward are quite domesticated. They have no litter box issues and are not more challenging than any other active domestic breed. They are comparable to Siameses and Abyssinians in energy and activities. They probably won’t eat your shoes, but certainly will learn how to open all the doors, cupboards, and drawers.

(Bobbie Tullo was breeding Persians, British Shorthairs and Pixiebobs for many years, until she fell in love with Chausie in 1997. Since 1998, she has been exclusively breeding Chausies.)