Meows in movies


Who says it’s just dogs who have all the fun on big screen? A good number of feline actors have so far been acclaimed for their roles in various blockbuster movies. Let’s catch them through a flashback. Little naughty, little cunning, but full of affections in their traits, kitties always go well with wise guy type characters in almost every movie they act. Since the early days of world cinema, feline actors have been recognised for their outstanding roles in drama, action, adventure and animation movies.
Tabby cat in Breakfast at Tiffany (1961)
A small town girl named Holly Golightly arrives in New York City to earn fame, fortune and money. She develops a circle of wealthy and intellectual friends, among them her feline friend, a tabby cat is her true companion. Holly unfortunately gets trapped into a ring of drug and narcotic abused people and gets arrested. All tragedies come to an end when Holly comes out of jail and is reunited with the man she loves and above all, the tabby cat whom she vulnerably left in the rain.
Jake in The Cat from Outer Space (1978)
An unidentified flying saucer from the outer space lands on earth under an emergency situation and the occupant was a cat named Jack who was taken into custody by the US government. With the help of Frank, a space scientist, Jack attempts to repair his spacecraft. In the end, Jack helps Frank accomplish a rescue mission to save some colleagues from a helicopter crash. Jack receives a big applause for his heroic act and happily applies for US citizenship with Frank as his sponsor.
Milo in The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1989)
Adapted from the original Japanese version titled Koneko Monogatari, story of this film opens in a barn with a mother cat who has given birth to kittens, among them is Milo the orange tabby cat, quite curious and known to everyone around for getting himself into trouble. He befriends Otis (a fawn pug) who is tired of running from a young chick who thinks he is his mother. One day, when Milo plays inside a floating box in a river, he accidentally drifts downstream. This is where the adventures begin in The Adventures of Milo and Otis!
Sassie in Homeward Bound (1993)
A group of doggies with a Himalayan cat named Sassie assumes that they are being abandoned by their pet parents who are out on a trip to San Francisco, leaving all the pets at a ranch. All of them head to wilderness. When all the doggies swim across a river, Sassie reaches a path of wood which breaks halfway across. While the dogs manage to swim across the river, Sassie falls into midstream and straight into the waterfall. And the crescendo of the movie is the moment when all the companions are united after a long struggle and are homeward bound.
Snowbell in Stuart Little (1999)
Desired by their son George Little, Eleanor Little and Frederick Little adopt an observant and thoughtful mouse from an orphanage. They name him Stuart Little and introduce to Snowbell, their family tabby cat. Snowbell is extremely jealous of the way Mr and Mrs Little treat Stuart as though their own biological son. But Snowbell has changed heart and become a true friend to Stuart whom he saves from the attack of a local clowder led by mafia don-like Russian Blue in the concluding part of the movie.
Mr Jinx in Meet the Parents (2000)
Greg and Pam visit the latter’s house to meet her parents. Fun and comedy happen at the introduction of Mr Jinx, a Himalayan cat to Greg by Pam’s father as they discuss about kitty care and other topics over a dinner. Though Mr Jinx appears in cameo role in the movie, his short appearance leaves a lasting impression to everyone who enjoys this comedy flick.
The stories continue…
Apart from the real life actors, animated feline characters successfully rule both the worlds of big and small screens. Right from Thomas, known popularly as Tom, in MGM’s Tom & Jerry Show upto Till Davis’ Garfield, animation world has big room for our feline protagonists.