Celebrating 12 Years of Pawsomeness!


“After years of having a dog, you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation.” –Robert McCammon, author of Boy’s Life
As Dogs & Pups celebrates 12 Years of Pawsomeness… we look back and see how much paw love we have shared with our readers and vice versa. Things have improved and our people and organisations are working towards making a better place for our pooches.
Lab animals get a new lease of life: It was a pleasant news to know that under the Beagle Freedom Bill, the dogs and cats used in research institutions will be put up for adoption, rather than euthanising them. So many dogs have found warm homes, food and love.
Dog meat festival banned in China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival has been banned in China. In this festival, thousands of dogs and cats are slaughtered and eaten. The residents of Yulin stood against this festival as they found it brutal. Besides, more and more Chinese are now having dogs as companions, after the one-child policy was implemented and children went out for studies and jobs, leaving parents alone and lonely.
Social media: An amazing tool to find lost dog: Thumki, a stray dog, ran away from her pet parents on a visit to the vet. But the family did not lose hope and put up posters and also posted on social networking sites. Thumki was found by a person, who had seen the posts and he handed her over to the pet parents. It was heartening to see so many dog lovers trying to help the sad family.
The Bark Ball for finding love: Washington Humane Society and Washington Area Rescue League organise an annual Bark Ball, where dogs come together to find their prince charming or lady love!
Pope blesses the gentle giant: Magnum, a Saint Bernard dog from the Barry Foundation in Martigny met the pope in Rome recently on a visit to prepare the Great Saint Bernard region’sUNESCO candidacy. Pope was happy to meet Magnum and he blessed him. Our pooches know how to impress one and all!
Sniffer dog Sultan gets a warm adieu: During the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai, Sultan helped detect explosives, along with three other sniffer dogs. After retirement, he was living at the farm of Fizzah Shah, an animal activist. Sultan was buried, wrapped in the Tricolour.
There are so many more incidents which have really empowered our pooches and celebrate the great bond we share with our canine. In this issue, we also bring you 12 of the most popularcanine cine stars in the article Terrific Twelve Canine Movie Stars, besides other regular features.
Happy reading!
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