A Chained Dog is A Choked Soul—SAY ‘NO’ TO CHAINING!


Bhavani Sundaram
Many of us have seen the sight of a tied up dog at the gate, entrance of the house or backyard lying listlessly with a sad look on his face. And we also come across happy dogs, wagging their tails in delight, living like a happy family member. It’s upto you to decide – how you wish to keep your dog.
Many a times, I have seen the poor pathetic dogs with a depressed look lying quietly in the corner-tied up and many a times with no bowl of fresh water or food in sight. I have stopped and questioned many of the families and asked them why they keep their pets tied up 24×7 and the normal reply I get is “They are a nuisance, they dirty the place, come in our way and they are meant to be watch dogs hence should be tied outside the house to guard the house”. I am astounded, shocked by these replies and no amount of my reasoning with them changes their attitude, which makes me wonder why go to the trouble of keeping a pet if they are to be treated like an unwanted being. Being stuck outdoors on a chain is like being a prisoner of war. Some common problems faced by chained pets:
Make them a part of the family: Dogs are social animals and like humans, they are constantly craving for contact, love & affection from their pet parents.
Unprotected in weather conditions: They are left unprotected in extreme weather conditions like heat, cold or rain. Hence, they can fall sick more often.
Behaviour issues: They tend to become lonely, frustrated and aggressive due to long hours of being chained with no activity.
Risk of attack: Since a chained dog is an unhappy dog, he can snap or attack when provoked.
Unclean surroundings: Since such dogs are not allowed to roam freely, they have to eat, sleep, defecate and urinate in a small area, which can become unclean, if not cleaned properly. This is unhygienic for both you and your pooch.
Accidental risk: Chains can get entangled in their limbs causing loss of blood circulation; they can also suffer from neck wounds, skin problems, rashes.
Risk to life: They face the risk of strangulation and many a times they are found lying dead with their chains entangled around their necks and bodies.
Remember it is inhumane: It is in humane to keep a dog tethered at all times.
Before you bring home a dog…

People who want or are thinking of keeping a pet should be ready to include them in their homes and most importantly in their hearts; they are a responsibility which you cannot afford to shun and ignore. Remember in the end, all they are asking for is love and affection, a pat, brush, scratch behind their ears, walks in the park and to curl up at your feet at night and sleep in the warmth of the house. Give them the respect, love and place they deserve in your lives and make theirs and your lives more joyful, beautiful full of love and affection.