Jennifer Winget & her life with pooches


Jennifer Winget has stolen many hearts through her mesmerising looks and acting prowess on the small screen. Little do people know that this young lady’s heart is stolen by Breezer, her pet dog.
Beautiful actress Jennifer Winget has appeared in many Indian TV shows like Kkusum, Kahin to Hoga, Saraswatichandra, to name a few. She won the Indian Television Academy Awards for Best Actress Critics for her leading role in the Star Plus romantic series Saraswatichandra. Eastern Eye placed her at 21st position on its list of World’s Sexiest Asian Women for 2012. Much has been written about this young lass but there’s more.Breezer.
A warm hug
My first pet….
“As a child I remember how I always wanted a pet but mum never let me have one. She was afraid of dogs and still is but now with my Labrador, Breezer that has changed. He is the child she loves the most now and gets along with him excellently,” shares Jennifer.
What makes my day?
Every pet has a unique quality or antic, which just melts our hearts. On asking Jennifer, she replies sweetly, “ He makes the cutest face when he wants a chewy to eat. He looks at me and tilts his head a little bit. It’s the cutest face I have ever seen.”
Life with my pooch…
“I enjoy driving with Breezer and simply hate leaving Breezer behind every time I go to shoot. I guess I am the one with separation anxiety when it comes to him. He is six now and unlike most dogs, thoroughly enjoys a drive, popping his head out, with the wind on his face. Though neither of the two of us are early risers, an occasional Sunday early morning is marked for me to take him on a nice long drive followed by his walk,” she tells.
What I love about my pooch?
“Definitely his eyes. He speaks straight to my heart with them. I believe that there is just so much unconditional love that dogs, or any other animal for that matter, can give you for the little that we give them in return. You get a glimpse of this love through their eyes, like a doorway to their soul and they’ll always let you in,” tells Jennifer with a twinkle in her eyes.
What my pooch loves about me?
“I, no matter how naughty he’s been, I will always melt with one of his characteristic puppy-dog looks and also that I let him snuggle on the bed and sleep with me,” tells Jennifer.
Vacations together…
“The two of us have both been on a sabbatical this past year and have been enjoying a relaxing time away at my new holiday home in Goa. He loves it there and I was surprised how easily he made himself at home. The beach is in close proximity so he enjoys his long runs, chasing the waves. What he couldn’t get enough of, though, was swimming in the pool on the property. Every time we got him out, he couldn’t wait to jump right back in,” shares Jennifer.
Taking care of pet’s needs…
As a responsible pet parent, Jennifer makes it a point to take care of his pet’s exercise, nutrition and other needs. “Though I’m not as disciplined as I should be with myself when it comes to the right nutrition and exercise, but with Breezer, I’m like an over-cautious, nit-picky mom. As he grows older, I’ve grown even more careful and make sure he eats and exercises better than I do. Labs tend to get overweight with age and touchwood with regular vet checks and routine exercise, Breezer’s weight is ideal. He’s been prescribed a certain supplement for his bones and he surprisingly laps it all up along with his regular food, like a good boy. I try to play with him in my garden as much as I can; it’s a stress buster for me too,” replies Jennifer.
Yawning together
Most difficult thing about being a pet parent…
Being a pet parent is not easy…a pet is like a family member, who needs your love, time and care. “I know Breezer loathes it when I leave him for a couple of days during outdoor shoots. He lives with my mum on those days; but misses me. Once I was preparing to leave for a few days, he understood from all the packing that I wasn’t going to be home with him that night. That sad look on his face is now etched in my mind because just as we were loading the luggage in the car and he came down with me to see me off, he ran and sat in the boot of the car and refused to get out. My heart breaks every time I have to leave him,” tells Jennifer.
On a concluding note…
“To me, Breezer is family, my most prized and cherished member. We’ve been through great memories and hard times together and though my emotions have their highs and lows, his love for me is unconditional and consistent. It’s the one thing that comes, rest assured, when anything else isn’t going your way,” concludes Jennifer.
Pix courtesy: Cover photo courtesy and all images in Ikat off white kurta: Sehban Azim
Hair & Make up: Aditi Mehta
Jewellery: Riddhika Jesrani
Wardrobe: The Ikat Story by Chandni Sareen
Styling: Ojas Kolvankar for Simmerouquai
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