Making the world LIVABLE & LOVABLE!


Rohan with young ones
Among the thousands of dogs roaming around the street, how many do we actually turn to look at? And how many do we give a second thought? Meet Rohan Rawat, who serves the strays and rescues them in Delhi, Noida andGurgaon (NCR) and Bengaluru.
Rohan rescues them from abusive homes, from the streets where they are abandoned, or simply the stray ones who get hurt by random vehicles. But, Rohan Rawat wasn’t like this before!
The trigger…Rohan lost his beloved Labrador Tuffy in August 2007, to tick fever, a seemingly natural death.. On his way to bury Tuffy, he saw an injured dog and he rushed the poor creature to the hospital. Torn by grief over his loss, he took this as a sign from Tuffy, that this was his karma, this was why he was here. He was here to save those who can never speak. And as Bangaloreans call him, to be the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’. With this, he started his journey and started ‘Karma for Tuffy,’ giving life to hundreds of animals, resurrecting them from the jaws of death.
Karma for Tuffy…
What unites everyone at Karma for Tuffy is their deep faith in the idea that service to every being is the finest act of goodwill, and brings the highest ‘Karma’. With this in mind, Rohan and every volunteer at Karma for Tuffy strive to protect animals and provide them care, giving their lives to these beautiful creations of God.
Rescuing, resuscitating and fostering…
From pet lover to animal activist, Rohan has rescued countless number of street dogs, bulls, stray cats, birds, and a lot of other animals in the past eight years. He has saved abandoned dogs, dogs who are left on the streets by those who thought they could not continue to take care of such a huge responsibility. He has taken these dogs, injured, scared and hungry, and put them in shelters first, resuscitating their health and then putting them in foster care.
Other activities…
Working with other NGOs, he organises fund raisers for vaccination drives and protests against animal abuse. And his work is not limited to dogs, although it revolves around these playful, loyal creatures. His ultimate goal is complete sterilisation, because he feels that one dog neutered now, saves the abuse of 65,000 strays in the next five years. Rohan says, “I want the escalation of birth control, because that is the only way to prevent cruelty. The lesser there are, the more people will value them and love them.” Moreover, Rohan believes in striving to give the less fortunate animals, equally comfortable homes, and organises adoption drives, encouraging people to take home a stray or an abandoned dog.
Road ahead…
With a vision of setting up a 24×7 hospital for animals, he works towards goodwill, because animals can have emergencies, as much as humans do.
The love for dogs is etched forever…
Rohan on the rescue
Life is a long journey between ‘Human being’ and ‘Being human’…Let’s all take at least a step daily to cover the distance….” Rohan roams around with a rescue kit in his car, apart from all the regular dog foods. Although, one call of his can get at least ten volunteers helping the dog, he believes in doing the work himself. He feels he needs to do this, for Tuffy and for himself. ‘It’s my karma, I want to touch them, love them, feel their pain, and touch their soul. I am on a mission…a mission to make this cruel world better for animals, a little more livable, a little more lovable,’ concludes Rohan.