Abundant energy, love & intelligence!!


All those who are blessed with a pooch would definitely agree that pooches are more than smart – not only in their looks and mannerisms but also emotionally and intellectually. They know when we are home, they are there to greet us at the door. They know when and how to plead to get their favourite treat or a walk down the street. They keep us on our toes and teach us not to be lazy.

These tailwaggers know when we are happy; they know when we are sad. They somehow know when we need their company and when we need to be left alone. They can actually gauge our emotions and act accordingly. They never hesitate to lick our tears or to wag their tails in our joys.
They are the first ones to know when our home is in danger, and also the first one to try save us from that mishap…. We are their family and they would do anything to protect us from the looming danger.
Dogs can be a guide and a helping hand to people who are physically challenged; they are a source of peace and joy for the mentally challenged. They bring in new hopes for the sick and unhappy. Then, there are working dogs who help nab criminals and find bombs, besides helping in rescue operations in case of disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, wars, etc.
Pooches even help children in enhancing their reading abilities. They are truly a blessing to a child who is growing up, he learns so many lessons of life from his little friend – love, compassion, care, companionship, to name a few.
We can train our pooches to do many tricks, which makes others look at them with awe. More recently, three SPCA (Auckland) rescue dogs, Monty, Porter and Ginny, got behind the wheel of a MINI Countryman Cooper S and proved you can teach old dog new tricks.
In fact, our pooches are smarter than we can think of…they are a source of abundant energy, love and intelligence. No doubt, we say, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”