Complete pet care products @ RACE
Mr Venugopal
Rayonnant Animal Health (RACE) is a largest division of Rayonnant Natural Care Cexcellence Pvt Ltd (India). Born out of the vision of Mr Venugopal, who is a professional scientist passionate about animal healthcare, crop care and material preservation, Rayonnant Group is working on the development of innovative pet care products for companion and production animals. The company manufactures and markets novel products for skin and hair cares, ectoparasite and nutrition management for pets. Founded in early 2009 with just two products serving only the Bengaluru market, its portfolio has expanded now to more than 50 SKUs and the products are available at leading veterinarians and pet shops across the country.
Researches and innovations at RACE have led to development of several products, which are under patenting in India, US and Europe. They are leading Indian company to introduce products like Chlorhexidine Wipes, Shampoo and Leave-On Spray, EDTA TRIS Ear Flush, Wound Shield, among others. Moreover, Mr Venugopal and his team of young professionals always look ahead to providing newer and more effective research-based innovative solutions to the need of the companion animals. For further information, contact RACE at: race@racecare.in or 07760099728.
Canine Elite for every delight of your pooch
Canine Elite in New Delhi is a unique pet facility catering to dogs and cats in their very own private suites. At the facility, beautiful theme rooms are available to choose from—small, medium and large to even penthouse style private suites. Facilities such as air conditioning, air purifier, theme specific rooms, swimming pool, Skype chats, photos and videos of the pets can also be requested. Every canine guest at Canine Elite has a specially designed meal chart for the duration of their stay.
Exclusive facilities available at Canine Elite include: swimming pool, pet’s events (birthdays, pool parties), training, adoptions, grooming, vet services, canine couture, penthouse style cattery, canine workshop for designing pet houses, canine meals and accessories, post-operative care, pet taxi, canine hydrotherapy and pet day care. The pet facility has also its very own shelter called ICUC (Indian Canine Upliftment Centre) which organises educational camps to spread awareness on adoption of homeless and abandoned dogs among children and adults. With the recent expansion, Canine Elite now can accommodate up to 50 dogs and 30 cats. Online ‘boarding form’ with detail information is available at www.canineelite.com; and for further inquiries, write in at: sonyakochhar@canineelite.com or call 08860084511, 9871397173, 9871397179
Crown Vet offers world-class pet care facilities
Crown Vet, located at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai, is a veterinary clinic offering world-class facilities of medical treatment, coupled with post-operative care, all under one roof. The clinic, thoughtfully designed by ACD Projects, an architect firm in England that specialises in veterinary facilities, has only one focus – the patient. Spread over an area of 4,500 sq ft, the clinic boasts of consulting rooms that lead to prep room, where the patient is prepared for minor or major surgeries, X-ray and ultrasound facilities. For more details, contact at: 1800228387