Pawsome weekend!

Weekends are special – for us and our pooches. We get to spend more time together. Our friends from Mumbai share the pawfect weekends with their pooches!

After a hectic week, we all look forward to the careless weekends – late mornings, late nights, outings, shopping, what not? But pet parents plan their weekends around their pooches, after all, the weekend is for them as well. So, what makes a pawfect weekend?

Anything and everything…
“I love my baby Chloe, so it’s inevitable, I love doing everything with her. For us, every day is a weekend. I enjoy the time we spend in the auto as she loves to sit on my lap and put her head out, enjoying the breeze on her face. We enjoy our walks along the seaside, sitting on the bench enjoying the view. Other options include playing fetch, holding her and just hugging her. These are the few things we enjoy. Oh! The best part is when she runs with something she is not supposed to take, it becomes an enjoyable dodging game,” shares Anju Jain.
While, Tisha Sudhindra Mannur shares, “I like to play with my pup and the best part on weekends for both of us is to get up late, roll on the bed, cuddle my pup…indeed it’s fun on weekends!” And Ravinder Pal Singh takes his pooch to the shopping mall.
Daily chores become fun…
While, Shrutika Rane takes her pooch Cookie for her shopping sprees as well. “Cookie and me get to spend good time during the weekend only. We share a bond of love, we wake up to sheer joy, play ball in the park or simply run on the beach. It’s so good to see her golden locks shining in the sun. She is my cradle of joy and shopping for veggies couldn’t get more fun with her. We even like going out for street shopping and experiencing Mumbai in the night…our rickshaw rides drive us wild. I think these small things in life make it all worth the while,” she shares.
An outing…
But weekends are happier when you plan a small vacation, isn’t it?. That’s exactly what Rani Boazz (Rohini Boez) thinks. “Preferably a very short and quick weekend in Mahabaleshwar is my idea of a perfect weekend, because that’s what my two pooches Kuppu Boazz and Zaara Boazz would love.” Excitement builds up amongst them right through the week when they see that their knapsack getting loaded with their t-shirts, treats, medication and finally the food. They are convinced they are off to their favourite spot. All you have to ask them periodically is ‘Where’s your bag? Only if it’s ready and packed, will you GO?’ They love the word ‘GO’. Their eyes light up. Early Saturday morning sees them ready to go as early as 4.00 am. They are the souls of obedience and decorum. Why? Just to convince you that you have made the right decision to take them for a trip,” she laughs. “They are boarded into the car at 6.00 am immediately after their walk. They dangle out of the car window, enjoying the cool air that hits their snouts, for some time. After that they are too tired to hold up any longer and rest most of the journey until they reach their favourite hideout in the mountains- Fredrick Hotel. This is one of the few hotels that allow pets along with their pet parents. They love to loll on the bed for some time, dangle out of the cottage front window calling out to all, especially kids, to play with them. Most of the other time, they set off along with us for long walks in and around the hotel gardens, pathways, golf course, etc. They love the food there- as they are indulged in everything sinful – human food which they do not get in Mumbai,” she adds.
At home…
Chaitali prefers to be at home with her doggie Persi. “When I get time from my busy schedule, I prefer to be at home with Persi. He is very cute and he loves to do masti…. So, I call my friends also and then we all play with him a lot. He loves food. And in the evening, I take him out to hangout. We have many pets in our colony, so Persi loves to mingle with them too,” she shares.
Preeti Fernandes is blessed with two Labs named Dexter (two years) and Queenie (three months). “They are sweet, playful and very naughty. I love spending my time with them, they make my worries go away. I like to spend my weekends with my pooches by taking them for a walk or a long drive or just spending the whole day with them at home,” Preeti shares.
While, Rahul Saigal shares that he and his pooch Ryan spend the day at home only. “On weekends we usually have a longer walk together. I recently figured out that there are a few pet hangout joints in Parel, so I am planning to check them out soon,” he adds.
Whatever be the plan, one thing is certain – loads of fun and pampering for our lovable tailwaggers!
(With inputs from Vaishali of Dawgz and Tushar Kulkarni of KPS My Pet Shop, Mumbai).