Birth & Growth programme by Royal Canin


For a healthy start, Royal Canin’s new product range includes Mini Starter (1-10 kg at adult age); Medium Starter (11-25 kg at adult age); Maxi Starter (26-45 kg at adult age); and Giant Starter (over 45 kg at adult age). For pregnant dogs, feeding prescription is from week 6 of gestation up to the end of lactation. Puppies are fed from week 3-4 up to 2 months. After 2 months, one can switch to Junior products. For more details, log on to and

SRKR offers Sergeant’s pawfect pet-care productsa

SRKR Pet Care (P) Ltd brings in a range of pet care items from Sergeant’s USA—a market leader in pet care products since 1868. Pamper your pets with Fur So Fresh (shampoos available for different purposes), Whiff (odour eliminator shampoo), which are currently available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi. Soon to be introduced products include Settledown Calming collar–a pheromone based collar to treat destructive behaviour, relieve anxiety, inappropriate urination etc; Skip-Flea (flea and tick shampoo); Yippee Skippy (Doggie training pad); and Doggy Dent (daily dental chews).

For more information, contact 075696 22228, 041-2335 1189 or

Pamper your pooch with innovative accessories

Here are some new products to make your pooch feel special. ABK Imports Pvt Ltd now offers The Company of Animals (COA) products like Halti Headcollar, Halti Harness, Pet Corrector, Multi-Clicker, Multi-Purpose Whistle, Pill Crusher and Splitter and Marrowbone with a jerky flavour. Choose from Pet Brands products like Rubba Squeak, Squeaky Vinyl Dog toys, Tennis Balls, Whisbee, Carnival Cat toys and Car Seat Covers. You can also buy Visiglo products like Illuminating LED Collars for Pet Safety and Anti- Bark Collar. For further details, please email at: or call at 09823205664

Happy Tails moves to new centre

Pet care facilitya of Happy Tails has shifted to a new state-of-the-art centre. The new and advanced pet care centre is located at Shop 1&2, Mangal Smruti, Plot No 414, 14th Road, next to Danaai, Khar (West), Mumbai–400052. For details, call Dr Karkare at 022-26483199/26489023.

Seminar on animal laws: a success!

A seminar on the Animal Laws of India was organised by The Terra Anima Trust and The Times Foundation on October 16, 2010 in Mumbai. Hoshang Billamoria, AWBI Officer, offered his services to any person wishing to file a case against animal cruelties. While, Nilesh Bhanage, AW Officer also suggested that shelters and ABC centres as well as volunteers specify the work that is being done. To know more about the seminar –How Can I Help? Careers in Animal Welfare, on 27th November contact: 09623081987

The Dog Sports Show

The Dog Sports Show organised by Pedigree and Hyderabad Canine Club (HYCAN) in Secunderabad recently was a venue for fun and knowledge for all pet lovers, including school children, trainers, breeders, prospective owners, etc. Witnessed by 1,500 students from 20 schools and over 3,000 people, there were different events for students – dog painting competition, dog look alike, dog tricks, etc. For dog trainers, the event was a platform where they could educate current and prospective dog owners the art of training their canine member.

Breeders could showcase various breeds and explain to the pet owners how to take care of their respective breeds. One ring was solely dedicated to educative demonstrations, for example, how to approach a new dog, etc. The evening was fun-filled with dog sport activities. One event, which was really enjoyed, was fly ball. All in all, it was a fun filled event where people learnt tricks from professionals, saw new breeds, participated in contests, won prizes–a day where your entire family could be together.

Technical seminar by ZydusAHL

A technical seminar on ‘Pet Nutrition’ was organised in Guwahati by Zydus Animal Health Ltd, Ahmedabad. The seminar also coincided with the product launch of ‘Petz Home Food Plus’ – a complete nutritional supplement with 26 essential nutrients especially for the pets fed on homemade food.

Dr Arun Atrey, Managing Director of Zydus AHL addressed the delegates about today’s scenario of pet nutrition and emphasised on the importance of the nutritional requirements of pets and limitations of homemade food. Leading canine practitioners from Guwahati and adjoining areas participated in the seminars.

‘Petz Home Food Plus’ was appreciated by all the participants.

Dr Alder’s new doggy treats

The new mouth-watering treats from Dr Alder’s, Germany are Milchdrops, Schokodrops and Top-snax new pack. Milchdrops is made of pure milk, similar to white milk chocolate for human consumption with Lecithin for vitality available in 250 gms packs. Schokodrops are chocolates made for dogs with milk and with Lecithin in 250 gms. And

Top-snax is made of chicken in 220 gms. For more details, email at or call 09940058648

Free Anti Rabies Vaccination Camp

On World Rabies Day, a Free Anti Rabies Vaccination Camp for pets was organised at Pet Clinic, Bareilly. Slogans of the day were ‘Prevention is better, as there is No cure’ and ‘Vaccinate your pet to make rabies History.’ In all, 182 dogs of 14 breeds like Spitz, Pug, Labrador, Dalmatian, GSD etc were given shots.

Dog show in Rohilkhand

Rohilkhand Kennel Club is organising All India All Breed Championship Dog Show No 31st and 32nd on January 16, 2011. For enquiries and entries, contact: Lt Col Gurnee Singh (Retd) Hon Secy (09897975828) or Rakesh Bhandari (09412401031).