Pet companions play a vital role in the betterment of our lives. They provide us with 24×7 social support, relieve stress and ring in laughter, happiness and keep boredom at bay. Caring for a pet can play an important role in your lifestyle in the following ways.

Loyal companions

  • Pets are great mood enhancers. They always make you smile and you can never get bored or depressed with their playful nature and naughty acts. Your pet ensures your day begins and ends with laughter.
  • Pets are loyal companions, thus keeping loneliness away.
  • Anxiety levels reduce since your pet offers comfort.

Playful forever

  • Pets are great for children as they teach them to be responsible.
  • It has been found that kids growing up with pets have a lower risk of developing allergies, since their immune system gets stronger while they grow.
  • Pets play an important role in healthy aging as they boost playfulness, amusement and an energetic lifestyle.

Health freaks

  • With pets around, you follow a routine of feeding, exercising and caring for them.
  • Pets encourage you to exercise by taking them for a walk or play with them. They help you in losing weight and keeping fit.
  • Pet parents are known to have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than those without pets.

Smart friends

  • Pets are the best listeners in the world as they lend their ears to all your sorrows. They provide comfort by hugging and kissing, hence you can never be sad in their company.
  • Pets teach us great lessons everyday and you can never find smarter friends like them.
  • Pets can guard your home and can attract attention of your neighbours by barking, in case of any mishap.

Stress busters

  • Touching and cuddling your pet can calm your nerves when stressed.
  • Pets keep your blood pressure from rising, as you tend to be calm and composed in their company.
  • Watching your pet play can reduce your tension and pulse rate.

Soul mates

Alka Paul
  • With pets around, you get to increase your social network. You meet new people when you take them to a park, vet or to a pet shop.
  • Pets are meant to be good for your mind and heart. It has been researched that the health of patients in nursing homes can be improved by regular visits from pets.

Suitably yours

There are several options to consider owning a pet who suits your lifestyle.

  • Active lifestyle: If you are an outdoor person and enjoy activities such as running and walking, then you should consider having a dog as a pet. Dogs need to be taken for long walks and are known to keep you on the move.
  • Passive lifestyle: If you like to spend most of your time at home, you should consider pets who are equally happy to stay indoors with you, such as cats, rabbits, birds or a fish aquarium.
  • Kids and elders: If you have kids and elders at home, then you must consider the size of your pet. You must opt for low energy animals such as cats or dogs who are smaller in size and require less activity.
  • Home needs: If you want your home to be neat, tidy and free of animal hair, then you should consider pets who are confined to a dedicated area, such as birds, hamsters, fish and reptiles.
  • Commitment: Before taking a decision of adopting a pet, you must be aware that it is a lifelong commitment, at least 10-20 years for a cat or a dog and it can go up to 30 years or more for a bird.

Right choice

You will often find asking yourself, ‘Which pet is right for me?’ Following is a list of pets with their characteristics, helping you to make a decision to adopt one for your home.

  • Dogs: They are known to be ‘Man’s Best Friend’. They are loyal and will love you unconditionally. They will listen without asking any questions in return. They get aggressive when excited, or sense a danger.
  • Cats: They are known to be domesticated animals and are found in most of the families, rich or poor. They don’t require much care like other pets and occupy less space. They are great companions to elders who stay alone at home.
  • Birds: Birds are great learners and bond with their pet parents. Looking at them will make you feel happy and at peace. Their chirpy sounds can keep your home environment lively, all through the day.
  • Fish: An aquarium with fishes can provide your home with a beautiful ambience. Watching fishes glide can calm your nerves. Like other pets, fishes don’t develop separation anxiety or negative behaviour when left alone at home. Their different sizes, shapes and colours are appealing, as well as an amusing sight to see.
  • Rabbits: They are quiet by nature and don’t require much attention. Rabbits are known to be funny and can be taught a few tricks. They are great companions for little kids at home.

If you want to change your existence for the better, go ahead and adopt any one of these new additions to your family, and see the difference they make to your health and lifestyle! So, if you have been long thinking of getting a pet home, bring one now!