The amazing world of pooch!


Our furry friends never fail to amaze us – sometimes leaving us thinking, if only they could talk in human language. If they could, I bet we would love to talk more to our pooches than anyone else. They seem to understand everything – every mood, every joy and moments of despair – they seem to replicate our feelings. There’s never a dull moment when you are blessed with a dog.
Here are a few recent news that we felt like worth sharing with our readers:
Praise over food: A recent study has indicated that pooches prefer our praise over food. So, go on to tell your adorable paws ‘How precious he/she is’.
Dog people more friendly: Another research states that dog people have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people. They like love stories and do not shy away from expressing excitement or pride.
Doggy blood donors honoured: On the eve of World Blood Donor Day, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANU-VAS) recently honoured 17 dogs who have donated their blood.
Nothing like dog love: A medical representative in Kolkata—Raja Mazumdar—has been feeding stray dogs and cats thrice a day for 25 years. He has never bothered about the expenses incurred and has refused promotion in job to carry out his mission. Kudos to this animal lover!
Controlling stray population: Strays do not lead a happy life and this problem can be curtailed only if they are sterilised to control their population. Durgapur Municipal Corporation has decided to go in for a mass sterilisation of stray dogs in phases.
This human-canine bond is true, eternal & timeless.
In this festive season, may you and your dear ones be healthy, happy and blessed; and may Love, Light and Laughter always be with you!
Happy pet parenting!
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