Saving One Dog His WORLD changes forever


Sudipta Ghosh
Adopting one dog can save him from leading a wretched life on the street and get the love and care he deserves. Loyalty and love are your FURever.
My Jimmy
On a December morning, a little sunny day, it was snowing the last night. A female stray gave birth to six pups nearby below a rock cut opening. All black cute female pups except for that one white little male pup. Days passed, almost a month, I was staying nearby, played only with that little white one as it was the cutest and naughtiest of all. I felt as if he would turn out to be my best friend. Being nine years old, I didn’t have much of friends to be with. So the moment I saw him, I wanted him with me. I used to go and play with him in the evenings. He tried to follow me always, when I left, but I never let him do so as I was unsure of taking him home.
My first best friend
A few days passed, I realised I always wanted him to be with me, only evenings won’t work out. I adopted him, brought him home, with me. Jimmy my very loyal and my first best friend I ever had. At first he was not welcomed to home by my parents, but that innocent look he gave me, I knew I wouldn’t let him go, also I felt as if he also wanted to stay with me. I was stubborn to keep him, finally everyone had to agree. We both were very happy to have each other. I was reluctant to go to school, as the only thing I wanted do was play with Jimmy. I loved him and he loved me back.
Playing & exploring together
Jimmy grew up into a handsome big dog, cute and loyal. My parents decided to keep him outside only. He used to roam around like other strays when I went to school then came back in the afternoon for lunch and stayed till I came. In evenings we used to go and explore places. Jimmy became my all time friend. He followed me everywhere I went to play. He was there with me always. Since it was a hilly area, we explored the mountains and he accompanied me. We used to play a game, I rolled on my back and Jimmy used to catch hold me by my shirt. On one sudden day this play turned out to be an incident.
Jimmy saved me
One fine evening I with my two friends and Jimmy, of course, went to explore a nearby mountain. During winters, in the late evening, the grass got usually covered with water droplets. I was playing around and suddenly I somehow slipped and fell on my back rolling downwards. There was a water body below where I was heading. I had no idea about the depth of that water body. The first thing that came to mind was Jimmy. I don’t know why I shouted his name and he came running and managed to hold me by my shirt. I managed to grab hold a bush which slowed down my movement down the hill and I gradually came to a halt. I was very relieved to know that nothing uncertain happened and Jimmy was the one who turned down that uncertain. He saved me. This was just one incident that happened. This incident was a life saver to me, but yet I couldn’t tell anyone about Jimmy’s bravery as I was too young to go to such place without permission. Basically, I went there without anyone knowing. Jimmy continued to be around me for three years. He became a guard dog, at least for me.
We Lost him
After a couple of years my father intimated that we are expecting a transfer and we may be leaving the place soon. There was a discussion in my home, whether to take Jimmy along or not just because he was a stray. The conclusion was yet to come. I wanted him and I knew that. I wouldn’t have left without him. Days passed, there was an order passed by the corporation to kill the excess strays. They poisoned them. Jimmy never kept any belt in his neck. He too became the victim among those strays and got poisoned. We found his body lying near some bush after two days. We lost him. I couldn’t take him with me. Probably I failed to take care of him properly.
Longing for love and care
Barking, howling, dog fights to survive, roaming empty stomach is the kind of life a street dog leads. These breeds are mostly scavengers and become pets for the street and slum dwellers or most of the time homeless creatures longing for love and care. These pooches need some kindness. These canines either succumb to hunger, disease, accidents or they are killed inhumanely due to overpopulation by the corporation to control the stray population. They are devoid of care, love, affection. These four-legged creatures can be your best friend.
Glitches caused by stray dogs
These canines, dwell on the roads, loiter around and are very prone to accidents. They are sometimes unaware of the vehicles coming and injure themselves as well as the humans. Strays are not taken care of and get skin infections and other diseases which can cause detriment to them as well as the nearby humans. They do not get proper medication, thus may get rabies, which is dangerous for humans too. They dwell upon garbage bins in search of food which causes scattering of the garbage and causing inconvenience in the surroundings.
Why adoption is a good option?
These glitches will continue to remain as long as there are strays. One of the best ways out of this problem is adopting them. These poor canines have a tough time being shooed and shunted away from the society. Adopting as many as these pooches can give them a home and in return he will give you all his love. Adopting a stray can save him from the adversities and the miserable life he is leading. All they need is a loving family who accepts them as they are. They need to be treated humanely and need care, love and compassion.