‘Pets are gift of god to me’: Sherlyn Chopra


We love Sherlyn Chopra for her looks and curves. According to her, being loved is a greatest feeling and she makes sure that she reciprocates the same to those, whom she loves the most. And no prize for guessing it right! Yes, all her love is for her FURRY ANGELS. Here she shares more about her love for her pooches.– by Smita Dwivedi
Pets…since childhood!
Sherlyn love for pooches is eternal; she always wanted to have pets. On asking about the initiation of poochie-pal love, she shared, “When I was a little girl, I had an Alsatian who was raised by my late dad. The pet was more attached to my dad than to anybody else in my house as it was my dad who would attend to all the pet’s needs and wants. I got little annoyed by this as a young girl and today I am a proud parent of three little bundles of joy.
On current pets…
“A few years ago, I desperately wanted to have pets in my life as I missed being alive, playful, bubbly and chirpy like the way I was when I was a child. So, now I am blessed with two Maltese, out of which, one is 7 years old and the other one just turned 1. I also have a Chihuahua who is 6 years old. The youngest of my three pets is my favourite…her name is Cherry and she is super naughty,” she added further.
Eternal furry bond!
Sherlyn feels that her pets are gift of God to her. “Even in my dreams, I cannot think of having a day without them. My pets add great joy to my life – all day and every day. The little things that they do – make my heart melt. My sunshine doesn’t come from the sky; it comes from the love in my dogs’ eyes,” she shared.
House…full of antics!
A household full of cute canines must be a lively place 24×7; on asking her about the cute antics and activities, she lovingly said, “My miniature pets love to wrestle with each other when they are super excited. And often, it’s the youngest one, Cherry, who wins hands down as she’s a great bully! Watching my pets play is a sheer delight! I enjoy taking them along for a drive and getting them yummy, healthy treats, upon seeing which, they sometimes do a crazy tap dance! Adding more about her fun filled activities with four-legged friends, she said with a smile, “My pets love it when I’m playful. Our favourite game together is hide & seek. But most times, they don’t give me enough time to hide.”
Caring and sharing!
Now, to explore her parenting skills, we asked her about how often they go on vacations and outings to which she explained, “My pets are prone to motion sickness. So, I don’t take them to faraway destinations. I generally take them in my car to Bandra Sea Link and on the way back home, I buy them treats. My pets go on a walk twice a day and eat healthy food. They have a caretaker who takes care of them 24X7. They visit their veterinarian once in two months for a general check-up.”
On a concluding note…
“When we begin to treat our pets as our extended family, a sense of duty compels us to take care of them on a regular basis. What I love most about my pets is their unconditional love for me. The best part of my day is coming home to a wagging tail,” concluded Sherlyn.
Favorite activity together:I enjoy grooming my pets.
Annoying habits: My pets love to play with my cosmetics. Every time I get annoyed with them for misplacing my cosmetics, they lie down on the floor with a baby face and I end up bursting into laughter!
Qualities you love: I love their playfulness and also their emotional understanding.
Funny/ crazy antics: My youngest pet throws a huge tantrum every time she’s taken to the washroom for a shower. After the shower, she makes an angry face that makes her even cuter! She’s quite a handful and keeps her nanny on her toes all day!