Missing you, Harry!


My first pet Harry left for his heavenly abode when he was just eight and a half years old and we still cannot believe that he is no longer with us. He was my little baby who would always accompany me wherever I went. All through his life, he never troubled me in any way. He was toilet-trained and had no health issues. He would wait for my sons to come back from school and have his lunch with them. He was so protective about all of us that he would not allow strangers to come near us or our house. He was much disciplined and would sleep by 9 pm and get up by 5 am. Whenever we returned from a trip he would be waiting for us and his gift.

The only thing which was disturbing was that when he was left alone in the house with the house help, even when we went out for few hours only, he would sulk and not eat till we came back and took him out for a car ride. And that perhaps took him away from us!
It was this last December when I had to travel. I left my teenage sons and Harry with the help. Harry did not eat his food for two days but otherwise he was very playful, so no one thought there’s anything serious. Next morning, he was found stiff on the floor which left us all shell shocked.
Harry was my first pet and he soon became the most loved and pampered baby of the house. He showed us what we do for pets is nothing in comparison to the love which they shower us with. My only advice to readers is that never keep a dog for status symbol, showpiece or security reasons only. Treat them like your baby because they just need love and care.
–Diksha Bhatia, Kolkata