My search for dog love – Mario comes home!


Eshanika Kajaria with Mario
Missing my pet……..
I lived without a pet for three years. Those years were bad since I am the only child of my parents, I did not have anyone my age to talk to, play, share secrets. I pleaded to my parents to get me a dog. But “NO” was always the answer because my grandmother was not comfortable with pets. I was really sad for those three years.
A chance to hope……
Then finally one day, I started crying for a dog and my grandmother relented and said yes. I was so happy.
Meeting and falling in love with a dog…
I was scared of dogs as I never had courage to go near a dog but when for the first time on March 30, 2015, I saw Mario at a family friend’s place, and I knew he was mine. So, without hesitating, I went and picked him up and he sat on my lap. I noticed that he did not have one paw. My father’s friend allowed me to take Mario home for an hour. I was so happy!
We got him over to our house and he seemed quite comfortable We asked if we could adopt him and they agreed. Mario was six months old at that time.
Knowing the truth…
Later, we came to know that at a very young age, Mario had to get his left fore pawamputated due to an accident and he generally fell sick. So his owner thought to give him to somebody who could take special care of him. When my father told her that how much I loved dogs, then she decided to call me over and play with him.
Getting him home…
On April 6, 2015, Mario came into my life as a blessing. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life. I decided to keep his name as Mario only, as he responded well and it was a unique name. He was fed his first meal by me. I researched and got to know more
about dogs, breeds and many more interesting facts about dogs. He slept peacefully on his bed given by his earlier owner with few of his other belongings. Mario became a part of our family.
Love you Mario!-Eshanika Kajaria, Class VII, La
Martiniere, Kolkata