Oreo The Champ


Oreo, a Lhasa Apso by breed is a star. His flowing fur mesmerises all. He is unique, joyful and mischievous, dignified and a style icon. Oreo has been a champion since we adopted him when he was three months old. He has a winning lineage to himself and belongs to a champion class family. His father, grand father and grand mother are all multiple winners of various groups.

He entered the KCI Dog Show when he was only 11 months, and has never looked back. Numerous titles that adorn his showcase are Best in Show, Utility Group Winner, Best of Breed and more…
Prominent among his achievements are consequent 4CC titles and Championship in his 2nd show. He has won laurels in various shows across Kolhapur, Pune, Goa and Mumbai.
We at the Sao Family are very proud to be his guardians and consider him to be a very dear family member. My daughter shares a special relation with him and strengthens the bond with a love band called Rakhi.
Myself, my children and the entire family is always very excited to spend our day with our little boy. We love grooming and bathing him, changing his water time to time and most of all strolling him around.
He is my kid and I can do anything happily for him. Gradually, the bond of love has become so strong that no one in the family can live without him.
–Nilesh Sao, Dombivli (E), Mumbai